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IF we go 4-4 the rest of the way that will be very disappointing.  That is a little bit of a over reaction.

Maybe but most people were saying we wouldn't even make 8-8 after Luck retired, so even if we falter to 8-8, which will be disappointing, it'd still be a win given all the trouble this season.   

Pot, let me introduce you to kettle.

On 11/6/2019 at 10:19 AM, MPStack said:

What is everyone’s predictions for the Colts end of regular season record. 

I’m thinking the Colts go 9-7 and it’s 50-50 for a WC game.


With injuries piling up especially at WR, I think it’s going to be tough beating NO, CAR, HOU and the Jags twice. 


6-10. Maybe 7-9

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24 minutes ago, coltsfeva said:

  I’m sticking with 10-6 and winning the Division. That depends on our record with the division games, of course. 
   Have we forgotten the run the Colts had last year?

Luck is walking onto that field this year. Big difference.

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14 minutes ago, open window said:


   Fair point. But it’s still the same coaching staff and many of the players, not including guys like Houston who can be difference makers.

    I know yesterday was inexcusable but I saw some great plays along with the poor plays.

     Brissett returning should make a difference along with TY, Desir, Funchess and Campbell.

      This year is far from over.

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    • A number of websites have projected the size of the free agent contracts.    On PFF,  they will even show you their comparisons and the math used to make the final prediction for years and dollars.   BUT....   No where am I seeing anything that reflects the fact that teams are dealing with a lowered salary cap,  and they're all going to have roughly $15 million less to spend.    I don't see any predictions that reflect that world.    Seems counter-intuitive to me.    With all the talk we've all read about how the middle class players are going to bear the burden of smaller contracts,  I'm not seeing that anywhere in these predictions.     And frankly,  I don't understand it?   If you didn't know about how Covid has hurt the NFL,  you couldn't tell by the salary predictions anywhere.    To me,  it reads pretty much as business as usual.   So.....   is it just me?     Or has anyone else noticed this?     Your thoughts?  
    • Zierlein is always a good read.   And given he's tight with Ballard,  I always recommend that you read everything he says.   It's as close as we're going to get inside Ballard's head, other than hearing from CB ourselves.   Here, he lists 10 prospects, who, for a variety of reasons, he thinks they need a really good pro day to bump up their draft status.    On a personal note,  I was surprised to NOT see two of my Stanford kids on this list.    Neither Walker Little or Paulson Adebo are on his list.    Maybe he doesn't think either needs a great pro day.   But I'd disagree.    Frankly,  I think every player who opted out needs a very good pro day.    As good as they can make it.    The absence of the combine is seriously going to hurt a big number of kids.   Here's his article.    And it includes a hyper-link to the latest updated Pro Day Schedule.   Those get under way full speed this coming week.   https://www.nfl.com/news/2021-nfl-draft-ten-prospects-who-could-use-a-pro-day-boost
    • Trade her in.   Every 3 - 4 years...... like a car. Make her think it was HER idea.
    • Imagine the players just running around in jocks with cups for their pants  
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