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On 11/6/2019 at 10:19 AM, MPStack said:

What is everyone’s predictions for the Colts end of regular season record. 

I’m thinking the Colts go 9-7 and it’s 50-50 for a WC game.


With injuries piling up especially at WR, I think it’s going to be tough beating NO, CAR, HOU and the Jags twice. 


6-10. Maybe 7-9

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13 minutes ago, coltfaninnewyork said:

Okay had to pick 2 so u saying we are going 5-11?


Probably Not, they likely manage another win or 2, but I don't know which team/s they come against none of them are a given.

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14 minutes ago, open window said:


   Fair point. But it’s still the same coaching staff and many of the players, not including guys like Houston who can be difference makers.

    I know yesterday was inexcusable but I saw some great plays along with the poor plays.

     Brissett returning should make a difference along with TY, Desir, Funchess and Campbell.

      This year is far from over.

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