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Indianapolis Colts
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    • BTW, about Love - something that made an impression on me, not here but at the press-conference of their coach after he got caught with marijuana. I cannot understate how strong of a defense Anderson gave to Love. I didn't expect that. It was a player that was leaving the school and had just hit the news wire for drug related incident. He had all the incentive if not to slam him, to at least be reserved and evasive in the questioning. He wasn't. There was full support for Love and he even went as far as to throw shade at the local police and reports for being untruthful with the public about what happened. He literally said "I just hope those people responsible for those reports  have the same miserable day that those 3 kids had". 3 days later Love and the others played in his final game - the bowl game vs Kent State.    His coach seem to absolutely love him and has nothing but highest praise for him. It's just part of the puzzle, but most coaches give generic statements of support for their players. What USU's coach is doing goes way beyond that.   
    • he was one of the best Dline in the league this year   some are calling it a breakout year, they might tag him 
    • The team is in decent shape IMO.  They just suck at QB.  SF has built a D by drafting top 5 talent because they sucked.  They spent a buttload on a top 3rd QB and can run because they have a passing threat.     The quality of talent on Dlines is almost always toward the top.  The Colts have not had the luxury to draft top 5 talent.   I think it's difficult to argue that the Nelson pick wasn't a great pick.   What did SF do without JG and Bosa last year Doug?  cripe is what they did.  I think they won 2 games all year.   So do you think their rebuild plan was to have their high priced FA QB go down, be the worst team in the leauge and draft a trancendent young pass rusher?  I doubt it.  They are good partly because they've been so bad for so long.  And had the good fortune to be able to tank last year.   They had crap QBing and not near as good on the D line.   Truth is, the best thing the Colts to do is to bring back Painter and go winless, and draft Lawrence.  This would be following the SF plan.      
    • Yes, desperate for a QB that can complete passes beyond five yards and make touchdowns in the red zone so we can get Ws and get into the playoffs. Yes, there are some gems in the draft just pick the best ones, Fromm is one of them. We won't know until we draft him of course. 
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