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    • I am convinced the oline has been playing hurt from day one. You dont just play at an elite level for two years straight, and then drop off a cliff. I know its easy to think this is about Mack but I dont believe that. To go from getting short yardage runs to struggling to do so isnt because of Mack being out.    3 offensive lineman were hurt week before opening game. I truly think they never got the chance to get healthy, and Nelson's back injury really needs to be handled correctly.    For those who have no clue, back injuries aren't something to be scoffed about. It would absolutely explain Nelson lack of dominant power that Colts fans have become accustomed to game in and game out. And then an ankle injury on top of it?    I turned the game off as soon as AC went down. It was a wrap as soon as that happened because Buckner wasn't in to help this defense hold its ground and give the offense more chances.    Kelly's neck injury is becoming a concern as well, but AC is nearly as important as Nelson is on this line.    Colts had a good chance, and it looked like it was going to be a shootout until AC got hurt.    The Colts needed the offense to play stellar to win this game. I already said it before the game. But once AC went down, this was a mountain climb of a game.    Having said all that, it sure is funny how fans FREAK when there's a bad game. Going from playoff contender/best defense to a mediocre or under average team is complete and utterly, an emotional statement. Just nonsensical really.    Injuries aren't an excuse?    No Buckner. (QB of the defense) No Okereke. No AC. No Kelly.  No Cambell.  No Mack.  No Taylor.  No Wilkins.    The only player on this list that isn't highly above average would be Wilkins and maybe Cambell (our number 2). Which im not even willing to say he isnt highly above average he just hasn't proven it yet.    No. Its not an excuse. But injuries lose games. Just look at the Ravens and how many players that have been out with covid.    No. Im not mad.    Also. Please get rid of Clark. 
    • Polian let his son make more decisions on pulling the trigger on drafting, that cost both of them eventually.
    • Ballard has said from day one that wants to build a culture...and that has clearly been a focus in their evaluation process. It's a good thing...but are they putting too much emphasis on that one aspect that ultimately might have little to do with what happens on Sundays? Does the process weed out more talented players because of a perceived slightly better fit in the locker room? And does that "better fit" even matter?   It just seems like there would be plenty of hard-working college players that would fit a good locker room culture...and we have seen this throughout the NFL...as the vast majority don't seem to cause any issues. And how many teams actually have bad locker rooms? A few maybe...the teams that are losing and have bad coaching/management? Those teams start winning again...and those problems (mostly) go away. So is bad locker room culture really even that much of a prevalent issue?   And how does one prospect get a nod over another? What is the deciding factor if it's not talent? Just seems like some things could be missed with a process that places an importance on a possibly arbitrary aspect like how a player did at the Senior Bowl...or what type of background does this player have. I don't know...I would hope that Ballard and co. are constantly evaluating why they missed on a player or missed out on one.
    • He would probably need a change of scenery like Robby Anderson and actually, he might work out for a team like the Packers where all they need is a reliable #2 which he can be opposite DaVante Adams. If the Packers could go after Funchess and word is they wanted Fuller, they may not be able to afford Fuller in the off season and will settle for Corey Davis, IMO.
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