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Indianapolis Colts
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    • He's made some questionable decisions in terms of personnel I will admit.    But at the same time, dude sure wins a lot for a guy who is nearly universally viewed to be bad coach/manager.  He has won the AFC south 4 out of the 6 years he's been coaching Houston.  His only losing season is in 2017 when he lost his quarterback (along with several other key players) to injury.   Don't get me wrong, it's not just on here that people think he's a terrible coach.  That view seems nearly universal and some of his recent trades left me scratching my head.     But he sure wins a lot for someone who's so universally viewed as a terrible coach.  
    • That's fair... my point was more along the lines of - he hasn't shown anything in the league to deserve to be thought of as anything more than a promising backup. The reason is kind of immaterial. We don't know much of anything about how he will look in a legitimate regular season game. He's never been in such situation. On multiple levels and fronts, I think it's not wise(to say the least, I'm really underselling it here) to assume he's the answer. We should act as if he is what he's been so far in his career... and if in the future he proves he's more... then great - this is a good problem to have, but we cannot miss on QB talent in the draft or in FA(if available) because of him. 
    • Can we trade the ST coach for a ham sammich ?
    • I don't think you can separate the decision to sit him behind those guys from his slate though.     The other thing is that it's not just his legal problems which are actually relatively minor, but it was also his attitude.  From what I read he always seemed to think he was the greatest thing ever even when sitting on the bench in the NFL.     Starting him could cause locker room problems (giving him a higher profile) and furthermore could make it more difficult to humble him in the future.     Not saying he's the answer, in fact I think we should just assume he isn't.  But I don't think you can entirely separate the personal/maturity issues from the decision to not start him.     I think his issue has not only made it harder for him to get rostered but also made it harder to get playing time.  He can look great in practice but you can still as a coach be asking yourself if you want a man-child leading your team to the line.  
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