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Colts Vs. Broncos Game Day Thread


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7 minutes ago, jameszeigler834 said:

Officiating is garbage letting Denver get away with everything while we are getting screwed typical Walt Anderson.

That is exactly what I’ve seen too. Hands to the face obvious last drive to  Nelson with no call but they call 34 for a touch as a hold. It’s egregious.  

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Just now, Myles said:

Denver can make this a tough game to win for. The Colts.


Trap play calling Reich.

Trap play calling?  So it's Reich that overlooked Denver in your opinion?  And he's just not realized that this game is competitive yet, and hasn't adjusted accordingly with his calls?  Interesting take.

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I think it is more on Brissett.  I think they script a plan for him.  They r stopping the run and Brissett has to make precise throws.  Their secondary is very strong.  I remember what Lombardi said bout Brissett.  He lacks anticipation.  I think it shows in games like this.  He is resistant to make the tight throws.

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Just now, Jdubu said:

The team looks like it lacks enthusiasm today. Go off the field and just look content going back and sitting on the bench. Burn the all blue uni’s and weld that roof closed. 


Just now, coming on strong said:

wrs who can get separation

Wouldn't hurt for sure

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    • This is a fine mess we have gotten ourselves into Ollie.   Lol
    • I think the Cincy game is 50/50 with them but if they play KC or Buffalo I give them a 25% of chance of winning, it is a chance but not much and they even have HFA. Cincy has a pretty explosive offense but their lack of experience in the playoffs may cost them. My uncle thinks they will beat Cincy if Henry plays good but he told me that it is a given.   As far as taking 2 AFC Title Games in 3 years, I would take it as well but many in here would not, some would say we can't win the big one and roast the team because of coming up short again. Luck got roasted in here by many because he couldn't beat the Pats, it was the Pats who have been the greatest team of this era.
    • I think CB is pretty set with rolling with Paye and Dayo at DE, and will just add a depth piece or 2 with no big signings. I've never been a big Ogbah fan, but I wouldn't be mad if we signed him.   In that same vein, CB has seemed to be happy with the young WR's we have, so I don't see a high tier FA signing here either.   I think you're right about LT.   I don't hate the Rhodes to FS conversion idea, as long as he's up for making the move.   I'd LOVE Robinson or Dotson! I prefer Dotson, but I really like Robinson too. Dude has phenomenal contact balance and for some reason, that's one of my favorite traits in an offensive skill position....lol
    • I don't know. Ballard seems like a straight-shooter. Giving Wentz a vote of confidence behind closed doors and then going out and being critical/alluding to changes to appease a fanbase would not sit well with any QB.
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