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Just going to throw this out there. Next off season there is a good chance were going to have over 100mil to play with. I'm not saying blow it all by any means. I know were going to have a lot of our own to extend. However, I wouldn't be upset if we signed a top free agent or two. I know it's early but I'm going to throw out some names for giggles...


Chris Jones

Amari Cooper 

AJ Green

Yannick Ngakoue

Leonard Williams

Jadeveon Clowney

Arik Armstead


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1 minute ago, MPStack said:



I don’t know who all the Colts will resign and how much CAP space will be left, with Constanzo being the obvious choice.


Enron and Doyle both FA’s, Sheard also, should be interesting.



I could see us letting one of Ebron and Doyle go possibly Doyle.

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First of all I don't think any of those names will even hit the market. They will either get extended or franchise tagged. Second, I've learned with Ballard that he has a price and he won't go over even for the players he really likes. He's repeatedly refused to enter into bidding wars in free agency and I don't really see that changing now. IMO he will target undervalued players like Autry/Ebron/etc. At this point I've been disillusioned with the idea that we are going to go hard after the premier free agents if it means having to outbid numerous other teams. It's just not going to happen. 

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