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Are we the 1988 Colts ( only better) ?


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In 1988 we went 9 and 7 .We had a right tackle named Kevin Call...…. A  center named Ray Donaldson (Pro Bowl 4 straight seasons from 1986 to 1989.)  ……. A left tackle named Chris Hinton (named to seven Pro Bowls and recognized as a three-time All-Pro, along with becoming the first offensive lineman to appear in the Pro Bowl as a rookie. After retiring, Hinton was inducted into the Indianapolis Colts Ring of Honor ) Averaged almost 150 yards a game rushing ( Had some guy named Dickerson who in 1988 had 1659 yard rushing AND 377 yards in reception yards ) …………. Here in 2019 we seem to have some budding stars on our offensive line . We are averaging right now 128.7 yards a game rushing. So do we start with our running game and Jacoby ain't exactly playing to bad either (he is #2 in NFL in TD's ) .So we can build on a running game behind an ever improving O-line . So 9-7 (or better ) ? …….GO COLTS !!!!! 

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And by April, 1990, the Colts traded Hinton for the chance to draft Jeff George.  I said at the time- doesn’t matter if the QB can throw a 100 yard, on the mark pass- he can’t be good if he’s laying on his back every play...


I trust that Ballard won’t repeat that, and trade away our Best Lineman for a chance to draft a potentially good QB.

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3 hours ago, Dingus McGirt said:

By "stuff," I meant the idea that CB might trade Q.


I thought you meant the original thread.  I just meant that I trust CB is smarter than the 1990 Colts.  He certainly appears so.  The original poster mentioned Hinton. The Colts traded Hinton when he was All Pro.

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    • That's on the upper end of WR2 money. Gonna say their calcs are off lol... Pascal is a great depth guy, but IMO he's too much of a tweener. Runs great routes, but isn't fast, and lacks some of the measurables. If he was faster, he'd make a great slot or Z. If he were bigger, he'd make a great X. He's just caught in between as a small X or slow/big slot. I'd say he's more 3/4, than 4/5. I'd love to keep him as that 4 guy. Just my opinion, but I think he'd make a good possession slot. Burton is getting those reps now. Will be interesting to see the re-shuffle once Pittman gets back at X.
    • Yup. Has zero to do with race, and everything to do with his ability to read, progress, etc.. Good guy and all, just not very good. Wasn't really that good in college either. He's likely better off in another scheme to be honest where there is less focus on reads and progressions. Chud's O was probably better suited for him as it's more throw-to-spot, than read, progress, and make a bunch of decisions. But to bring race into the discussion is silly given most of the top QBs in the league (Mahomes, Wilson, Jackson, Prescott, Watson, etc.). Nobody cares about that.
    • https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/zach-pascal-22405/market-value/   i can’t believe Pascal’s perceived contract value is being shown at 8.4 million avg and 4yrs. That is a lot of money for a guy who really hasn’t put together an entire season or even really half of a season with numbers that make you feel he has more to his ceiling. He at times has made some plays and looked like is he breaking out and then he levels back out. He is a usable 4/5th receiver imho but nowhere near 8 million $/yr. wow! 
    • He wasn't horrible. He had the lowest completion rate of DBs in his limited time. He did look lost at times, but that's to be expected for a rook changing positions. Keep in mind Tell was a FS at USC, and converted to CB last year. He's built like a tall corner, so filling in for Moore at NB probably wasn't ideal. Can he play NB, IDK. He was never physical in college. He's also not fast (4.6ish). He did score well in agility in the shuttle though.   I really don't know where he'll fit. Not fast enough IMO to play CB1 or CB2. Not sure if he's physical enough to play NB or SS. Probably fine to play split safety in a two high. If he could toughen up, could be good at NB, dime, or SS, but he was never that guy in college. Perhaps a rona year hitting the weights will help. 
    • Brissett was given every opportunity to prove himself to the coaches and GM and he failed.  He's a good back up QB and that is where he is at.  He had 2 seasons and was given a huge pay check.   He is an average starter at best.   Bringing race into this discussion is stupid.   
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