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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I like the comparisons but come on... JB is nowhere near Curtis painter. This is just being ridiculous. 
    • I 100% agree with this post. I can believe that Jacoby could develop into a good starting QB. But at the same time, I can believe that Ballard will definitely pull the trigger if he views someone is better than JB. 
    • This guy (writer) is the same guy that thought the Lions would win the NFC North last year, and that the NYGs would have one of the better O's last year...        This is hilarious.... Brady's receiving corp is #1 Edleman who leads the league in drops and is only target #1 because Brown and Gordon were let go. Dorsett is their #2 lol... They picked up Sannu, but he's averaging less than 30 YPG. Brown did better than both Dorsett and Sannu in just one game before he was cut. Their TEs are pretty much non-existent.   Also, JBs averages early on are a little misleading. 4 of those early games were vs teams with bottom 10 passing Ds, and we've probably played more teams with bad passing Ds this year than the majority of the league. Also, teams did not have film early on of JB in FR's O. Opponents learned quick to focus on the run and dare JB to throw.     Remove the Hoyer games as they're irrelevant. Sure you can blame AV for some of our woes, but lets be honest, we shouldn't have been in a situation where we had to have a FG to win, in a lot of these games against mediocre teams. Aside from just a few games vs very bad passing Ds, our passing O has been bad to mediocre all year.     Faster processor? Huh? His time to throw has not improved at all. And it's not like there haven't been a ton of film showing wide open WRs and TEs all year long...... Underrated touch? Are you kidding me. He has two speeds. Fast and faster.      We should probably look at the regression of every pass catcher (when healthy) this year with the exception of  Pascal.    Also, if A is the Pats, like I said above, they've been a revolving door at WR, had no TEs, plus serious OL woes..... yet are still a top 10 passing O.... while we are bottom 10.
    • When a QB has nearly 30 starts in his career, regardless of the circumstances, you know whether or not you have a franchise QB. If anyone has doubts about Jacoby at 27 years old and nearly 30 starts then he isn't the franchise QB.   There seems to be 2 thoughts regarding Brissett this season.   1. He is a franchise QB if the Colts upgrade the receivers and they stay healthy. 2. He is terrible and should be replaced as soon as possible.   The truth is somewhere between those two thoughts.   Jacoby would be better if he played with better receivers but that doesn't mean that Jacoby becomes a franchise QB. This doesn't mean the Colts don't need to upgrade that position group though.   Jacoby is not terrible. He is a QB a team can make the playoffs with and going on a run. But he is not an elite QB. So if the Colts come across someone in the draft who they view as being elite, or the potential to become elite, they will absolutely select him and let him sit a year or two behind Jacoby.    The Colts can believe in Jacoby as a starter but still look to upgrade that position if the right player comes along. 
    • When Hurts got pulled at half time 2 years ago in the national title game for true Freshman Tua that was all I needed to see. They interviewed Sabin after the game and asked why he put Tua in and he said “Because we needed to throw the ball and I thought he could do it better”. Pretty much a clear indication that Hurts isn’t exactly an amazing passer.   Then he goes to a coach who produced back to back Heisman QBs And has a turnaround and people want to act like it’s anything other than scheme. Hurts isn’t good; Lincoln Riley is.   I want no parts of Hurts. Give me Love all day
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