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Indianapolis Colts

Empty Seats at Lucas Oil?

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6 hours ago, HeSoColt said:

That was my exact thought. It was a 3rd and 2 I believe, cannot remember specifically. But, the man behind me, tapped me and said that "that cheering was a bit loud on an easy 3rd down"


I was baffled... but it made me cheer every more loud on every play that I could.

I would've told him if he didn't like it then move. That is his problem.

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    • He can have all the heart he wants, but at the end of the day, what matters is his performance.    About the OP, it's nice to see all the stats in one post. If JB could just turn up a notch in terms of YPA, we would've a very nice offense, even with this group of WR.   As a matter of curiosity, why didn't you used the PIT and MIA stats?
    • I traded the 49ers D for Alshon Jeffrey and kept just Ravens D and Eagles D, better usage of my bench and roster, I felt.
    • I think it's going to be one of the most interesting offseasons of the past years.  It's fun to think and talk about all the scenarios that could happen. 
    • Cain’s main issues with the Colts were injuries.   Whatever baggage he had that made him slip to the 6th round were not brought here to the Colts.    To the best of my knowledge there are no negative stories about Cain while in Indianapolis.   Except injuries.   He wasn’t healthy enough, long enough to get polished enough to co tribute much.   But he has still has a ceiling.  His future is still viable if he can stay healthy for an extended period of time.  But in every interview I ever saw, Ballard spoke highly of Cain.  Very highly.    Maybe it’s with Pittsburgh, maybe he returns to the Colts someday.   I wish the kid well. 
    • I hear you, it's a coin flip.  I'm feeling ok about it though.   I've been wrong in the past (so often) but despite "playing down to our competition" we've been solid in our divisional games this year, undefeated in fact.  Seems like they get up for these.  Frank will have them ready.   Wish it was at LOS, but we've performed well in Houston in the past and I think TY will play, you just put him in a uni and we're already in their head.   Both teams are beat up so that's a wash.  Both on a short week so that's a wash.   From a colts perspective,  I think this is Jacobys coming out party.  We want national attention for obi-wan jacoby, this is his chance.  They're gonna try to make him beat them thru the air and I know he can.  Unlike last time most of the country is gonna be watching.  Say what you want about Brissett but he doesnt shrink under the big lights.   Plus our d has been sneaky solid for awhile now......gonna be close but I like our chances..........    
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