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some takeaways from today's game


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4 hours ago, Stephen said:

cain and Campbell  succeeding  may be key to beating the Patriots  in the playoffs. That's  why we need atleast one of them to step up. Belichick will probably  take mack out the game early  and force us to pass. Then he'll take away Hilton  and pascal.

Gilmore on Pascal then double TY. Seems like Belicheck game plan. They did a lot of cover 0 blitz tonight to a guy that has historically been great against the Blitz. He never throw a pick until last night against the blitz 

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6 hours ago, Defjamz26 said:

Also Wilson continues to be an issue. There’s no reason a CB should get beat in coverage by a 6’7” TE. It would be understandable if he got beat for a jump ball, but Fells straight up beat him off the line. Haven’t been impressed with this secondary overall. Really looks like Hooker carries them tbh.


And yes, Glow sticks out like a sore thumb. He needs to be upgraded at some point. Teams are going to start targeting him if they haven’t already.


Still feel the same way about the DT position. Box score doesn’t show it but there were a few chunk runs by Hyde and Johnson that they got way too easy.


Turray wasn’t really a loss to this team. Sheard and Houston are a nice duo

You don’t think Turay’s impeccable speed off the edge wouldn’t be useful?

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29 minutes ago, NorthernBlue said:

You don’t think Turay’s impeccable speed off the edge wouldn’t be useful?

To an extent yes but he was a rotational player so it’s not like he had a huge impact on the pass rush. Not to mention that he isn’t great in run support. You miss something when either Sheard or Houston aren’t on the field but that’s about it. Turray was still young and unrefined.

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37 minutes ago, braveheartcolt said:

Now now Krunk. No need to be like that. We have always been cordial to each other, over many many years.


And while we are all hoping Cain finally catches a ball, the Patriots snaffle Sanu. 

Just messing with ya bro

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20 hours ago, GOLFoholic said:

Guys, if you don't think a first round pick is worth it on a guard, just remember what Nelson has done to transform this offense! Having a superior offensive line is demoralizing to opponents.


Here's a few stats from the Texans game on Glow

6\25 RUN plays he was beat, missed his guy, held, fell down in the hole, or completely wiffed on the second level block (that's 24% of running plays)

15\44 PASS plays he was beat with a swim move, didnt pick up the stunt, held, or was powered straight thru (that's 34% of pass plays)


That's between A quarter and a third of our offense being affected by his play. Most of these misses had a direct affect of Brissett getting hit or hurried or the running game getting stuffed. 


That's straight from the tape  and has nothing to do with scheme. Straight up man assignments. A lot of the successful plays he was part of a double team, or the pass was so quick he didn't have time to fail.


Watch the tape



I think he went against Watt, most of the day. Humm Most have a hard time against him. I will give him a pass, on this one. He is normally solid.

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