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Indianapolis Colts
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    • The difference between retiring and quitting in the NFL is simple... A player retires in the off season.  A player quits during the season.  It really is that simple. 
    • I think Pittman is vastly underrated. He could really be a perfect fit as a #2 or #3 WR in this offense. Would give Brissett a big body to throw to that can make the tough catches, and can out physical DBs. 
    • If the Colts lose this week they are officially eliminated, but If the Colts win out they have a 19% chance of making the playoffs.  
    • Good post. I too think getting a notified #1 or #2 WR is paramount in this draft class, with how good the class is. I'm actually more in favor of getting 2 quality WRs, just to be sure we are loaded and ready at that position once Hilton starts declining.    DT is definitely a huge position of need. Once we get a great DT to man the middle of the defense, it will make everyone else look better. I am praying that DT Chris Jones from KC gets free and tests free agency and Ballard goes and gets him. He could make this pass rush great if Turay, Banogu, and Houston stay healthy for the most part.   OL depth is a definite need as well. I for one want Costanzo extended since he still has good years left in him. Then in the draft I wouldn't be opposed to getting a swing OT that can play if either Anthony or Braden were to get injured. Then I'd be in favor of drafting a talented OG that can challenge Glow for that RG position.   Finally at QB, unless a guy is there that Ballard is confident will be a star for us, I'm hoping we don't reach for a QB just to have one challenging Brissett. I do like Love, I just don't know if he is worth a mid 1st round pick, especially if a guy like CeeDee Lamb is available. I think late 1st, early 2nd is where he should go. So I'm holding out hope Indy can get Love with their early 2nd rounder. Or I'd be even okay moving up a bit from the early 2nd to the late 1st to snatch him in front of a New England for example. 
    • 61 people voted #3 = a landslide, sorry haters you lose. People with sense know JB is probably not a franchise QB but also know he is above average and doesn't suck. I am for drafting another QB and have said that but he may not even pan out. Get out of your minds that JB isn't Peyton or Luck that will help. JB is a 9-7/10-6 QB with the roster we have if everyone is healthy. So he doesn't suck just because Luck would be 12/13 wins in probability and Peyton 14-2. You guys do realize Luck was a top 5 QB in the league and Peyton is arguably the GOAT so comparing JB to that is unfair by a mile. A lot of people want Love, what if he starts 0-4 then what? There isn't any QB's out there that are like Luck for example. So lets say the haters get their wish and JB gets ditched and their QB stinks, then what? I am going to be disappointed at our FO for quitting on JB if another drafted QB (or Kelly) steps in and plays like Painter next year.
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