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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Not even my point. I would take Wentz over JB too but all year he hasn't looked good. I am just saying it seems like JB is the only one in here that catches flack when other supposed good QB's play just as bad in some weeks. Also I even already said we should draft a QB in another thread as I feel that JB can win games and can be above average but I am not sold on him winning the SB. I see both sides of everything, I have a knack for that. It seems like some in here can't and just want to bash the guy over everything little thing. As a Colts fan it is getting old reading it from the same people over and over. At least I know JB hasn't played well lately but the dude doesn't suck. How anyone can sit around with a straight face and say JB has had good weapons to throw to all year is ridiculous. Our WR core actually sucks without TY, I will even go that far with it. Not having Mack vs Houston and Tennessee absolutely killed us as well. Hell, our kicking game has even cost us a game or 2 but to some everything is JB's fault. Was it JB's fault that the defense couldn't hold a 14 point lead on Sunday? 
    • LOL, don't see that happening. I think BB is happy with Stidham. I could see him drafting another QB in the next couple years if the right one drops. If a guy for instance like Love dropped to late, it would be a classic hoodie move.
    • Thank you.  This video is much better showing a variety of throws like you said.  He had some wide open misses in this one but I can see why Ballard likes him.  He does remind me of Mahomes too.  The team I'm worried about jumping in front of us is the Patriots assuming Ballard wants a QB.  I can see a run on QB's as usual this year so if Ballard is serious he might have to move up and not take the risk of somebody else doing it.   
    • I think Castonzo and Sheard are the only guaranteed.    AV, it depends on the real story about his injury. If he gets a procedure, and returns to form, I can see them resigning him. I'd prefer they go in a different direction though and find the guy for the future.   Coaches...  O - for Reich's O to work well, you need a guy who can identify pre-snap, go through progressions quick, be accurate and quick in the short game, and take an occasional successful shot down field. Either we need a new QB, or we need to go back to a Chud offense that relies less on the QB's abilities to identify, read, and progress.   D - We either need to improve the rush, or change scheme... I'd prefer we improve the rush.
    • i said in another post it could be coaching making him look bad, but he is to far off
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