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Indianapolis Colts
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    • With our Line if Barkley played all 16 games I think he could go for 2000 Yards with JB at QB. Mack at best would be 1400, JMO.
    • I will laugh even harder at the implosion when the season starts if Jacoby has a probowl season next year. The bottom line no one has a crystal ball to know what will happen next year if Jacoby starts. Everyone needs to just relax. It will all play out like it is supposed to. Nothing we say or do will change what ballard does in the draft. 
    • If we don't draft a QB this forum will implode, I can just tell. I am fine either way as with the right team around him and healthy, JB can go 10-6. On the other side of it I would like to see how a Love or Herbert would do behind our Line. The draft is such a crapshoot though unless you have an Elway, Peyton, or a Luck coming out. Everyone knew those guys were going to be great.
    • I am ok with what ever they decide. If they draft the future it will be a QB they are in love with. If they decide to give Jacoby another year with some upgraded weapons and see what he can do if everyone stays healthy I am ok with that too. Why would he not want to stay. The chances are he is starting and he would want to improve his value to other teams.   A new QB can learn a lot on how to be a pro and leadership from Jacoby.
    • We aren’t even in the same situation as the giants lol. My point stands if the coaches feel a rookie will do best sitting for a year Jacoby will start. If the rookie comes in and blows the roof off in training camp then they will have to make a decision.  They better be sure that rookie is ready. My point was they aren’t going to cut Jacoby. What happens is that rookie stinks it up the first 2 games and is not ready. Who do you have left to salvage a season.  We need to slow down a little. I will laugh my * off of they pass on a couple QB everyone wants them to take. This forum will implode. 
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