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Just now, Indy_Mike said:

nonsense...guy dove right at his knees after he threw the ball!

He didn't throw it, he ran....

Just now, bluebombers87 said:

Why have the rule you can’t hit a sliding qb if you don’t call it

I mean, jb slid into the defender there....

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The Colts opponents getting all these silly penalties is no coincidence, when your getting manhandled physically, you tend to get dirty. It happens about every week.


I love the identity of this team. And Jacoby is just playing good football. It's not flashy, but it sure is effective. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • No word on surgery hopefully that Is good. Maybe he can come back by the playoffs.
    • Depending on the severity this might be worse than ACL injury:   https://www.stack.com/a/meet-the-pcl-the-lesser-known-knee-ligament-thats-keeping-nfl-players-on-the-sidelines  
    • I agree, seeing MAC yesterday takes me back to 2003, Antonio Gates' rookie year. The other Chargers tight ends were a guy drafted the year prior named Justin Peelle, an undrafted guy from the season prior named Josh Norman, and the only veteran was Redkins cast-off Stephen Alexander, derisively nicknamed "Stephanie" for his penchant of milking minor injuries and rarely being available. Gates quickly established himself as the best of that group, virtually uncoverable and he quickly became Drew Brees' preferred target. Our wide receivers back then were nothing to write home about, but even as we acquired better ones, Antonio was a dominant force that had to be accounted for and the only person I  saw who could cover him 1 on 1 back then was newly minted Hall of Famer Troy Polamalu.    When Brees got hurt and went to the Saints, Philip took over as the starting quarterback and he continued to "feed" Gates, becoming the most productive QB & TE combination in NFL history with 89 TDs between them.
    • Didn't he kind of play that role his rookie year and he had 3 picks in 7 games?     I still think a lot of it was because QB's just didn't throw it his direction much.  You didn't see Hooker getting beat in coverage a lot. 
    • Absolutely.  If the Rhodes we say yesterday is the Rhodes we'll see the majority of the year then I'll be very happy with our starters.  I think Rock is going to take a step up in his second year.
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