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Just now, Indy_Mike said:

nonsense...guy dove right at his knees after he threw the ball!

He didn't throw it, he ran....

Just now, bluebombers87 said:

Why have the rule you can’t hit a sliding qb if you don’t call it

I mean, jb slid into the defender there....

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The Colts opponents getting all these silly penalties is no coincidence, when your getting manhandled physically, you tend to get dirty. It happens about every week.


I love the identity of this team. And Jacoby is just playing good football. It's not flashy, but it sure is effective. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • From everything i saw hes going to be deadly on screens all year long. I like the little stretch run to the left he did in the redzone. Play looked stuffed but he still cut it up, got skinny and gained about 4 or 5 yards. He kind of runs like Cory Dillon to me. I think he will be fine
    • Likely before the because of incubation time frame. OTOH, they 'slipped by' safety testing procedures in place at Arrowhead-   "According to Chiefs’ protocol, fans entering the open air field-box should have been tested prior to the game. A Chiefs spokesperson said the fan was not tested before the game based on information they said came from the health department. The Chiefs spokesperson said they do not yet know how the fan bypassed pregame testing."   It appears teams and also their health department have ties/plans for situations like this.   **The team issued a lengthy statement saying the club's contract tracing mechanisms in place, including parking and ticket scanning data and video records show the fan's movements within Arrowhead.   "This process allowed the team to identify the other guests sitting with this individual, the service staff with whom this individual may have come in contact with, as well as any other ticket holders near this person (all of whom I assume are required to quarantine now because of this) at the time of entry into the stadium," the team said.   "Within hours of being notified, the Chiefs were able to pinpoint the names of the other members of the party as well as detailed information about the path and location of entry, and this information was provided to the Health Department. The tracing capabilities at the stadium allow the extension of communication to learn more about the guest's activity the days leading up to and after the game Thursday night."     It's not just about people showing up at the game because everyone knows and accepts the risk. Maybe the workers need a paycheck so have to validate parking, take tickets at the gate, serve concessions, etc and get a paycheck... not Covid-19.  Maybe those other fans want to see a game without being exposed to a virus with no therapeutic cure at this time. Now these people can't even see their families/relatives (let alone friends) for a couple of weeks.   “I want to remind everyone that COVID-19 is anywhere and everywhere. While we’re all tired of it, frustrated and even angry at how it has altered and stricken our lives and livelihoods, we must continue to think of those who have not and will not survive it,” Dr. Rex Archer, Kansas City health director.      
    • You have to make a cut to run around the edge.  North/South Runners aren't usually running to the bourndry and cutting up the field effectively.  Too make and edge you have to run East/West firsts.
    • This doesn't read as having issues getting to the edge. That tells me he's more of a north/south runner and not a "jitterbug" type of RB, so essentially the opposite of Hines. He's not juking anyone out, but that's not the same as being able to take runs outside.
    • 1 week at a time. 
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