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Indianapolis Colts
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    • GMs typically know how things will play out, IMO, as far as who is likely to move up for a QB etc. That is another reason Ballard did not want to move down from the Rock-Ya-Sin pick because he wanted him. I feel that there are 7 teams that will draft QBs.    Outside the obvious Bengals and Dolphins, I have 5 other teams I believe will draft a QB - Panthers, Bucs, Raiders, Chargers and Colts.    See my post here:        I do think we will win 7 games at least and my prediction is still 8-8 for us. In all likelihood, the only team that I drafting later than us that I see are the Raiders. If we are confident they will not draft a QB after what they invested in Carr, our odds are good if we drop down about 8-10 picks in the draft that the QB we want is still there when it is the Texans' 1st rounder turn. I expect Ballard and his scouts to have a good pulse on that.
    • Be prepared to be depressed, I already I am and expect JB to be the QB again at least for next year. Here is something to cheer you up:   Since in Indianapolis (1984, 84-2019 36 seasons) 12 Divisional Round appearances - 1987, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2013, 2014, 2018   5 AFC Title Game appearances - 1995, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2014   2 SB appearances - 2006, 2009   1 SB Championship - 2006 (that is what makes us an elite franchise factoring in all the other great wins).   -Hey man when you get down or depressed, just go to youtube and watch all the great wins we have had over the last 33 years . It started with Dickerson in 1987, then we had the likes of Harbaugh, Peyton, and Luck. We have been lucky to witness a bunch of great times. We never cheated either like the Pats have to get our success.
    • No, it didn't happen often and you can see that Kelly's right foot gets behind Q's left foot so he could not step back.   Still took him 3 seconds to get past Q.
    • Albert O won’t make it to the 5th, he’s a fringe 1st rounder. However, though I don’t totally agree, I can understand every other point you make! Love it whenever you put these out, keep it up!!
    • The way Nelson sets up in Pass Pro is different than most, and it’s only because he’s so powerful and has amazing technique. However, for a split second before he gets set, he’s vulnerable. If anything, this is a positive for Simmons, as it shows how quick he was to explode off the snap and immediately engage, rather than Q just getting overpowered. It’ll happen from time to time though. When Q gets set, he’s the best in the league and the only one who does what he does. If the defender gets there first, and they are as powerful as Simmons, it’s going to happen. 
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