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Colts sign DT Carl Davis


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17 minutes ago, Myles said:

I'm optimistic about this.   We needed the size.   

I guess he could be classified as a bit of a bust for a 3rd round pick.  Hopefully he has a chip on his shoulder.  







seems like he was drafted to play in a 3-4 def and probably didnt play as well as expected to in that DEF. maybe they look at this as depth for Grover since they are similar in how they move. 

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So in 2015 in does pretty well for the Ravens. Doesn't play in 2016.  Then plays for the Ravens in 2017 and plays 15 games with 12 solo tackles and 7 assists.  Not bad really.  At 6.5 320 I assume he's a NT and not a tackling 3T.  Then plays 5 games for the Browns in 2018 and is gone. 


Is there an injury or some off the field issue?  His 2017 stats seem decent enough to have been retained.

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