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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I have absolutely no problems with any of those quarterbacks. Great selections. I know some fans in Denver thought Shannon Sharp should have gotten in as a TE, and Steeler fans thought Troy Polamalu should have gotten in as safety.  As much as we all give Belichick grief for his many Shennanigans , I have to say I am impressed with him on this show. He seems to be a very good student of NFL history, and even shown a good sense of humor that people rarely see.   I also like that Belichick was a huge Baltimore Colt’s fan , and idolized those late 50’s , early 60’s Colt teams.  His dad Steve coached at Navy, and Bill was in Annapolis MD at the time. A final footnote was that his first NFL coaching job was with the Baltimore Colts in 1975, under the tutelage of good ol’ Teddy Football. 
    • I had never heard of Emlen Tunnel. Perhaps I did and I don't remember. He is second behind Krause in interceptions.    Of course, Peyton is in without a doubt. Also: Unitas, Montana, Brady, Marino, Elway. What do you think?
    • The mystery is compunded by the fact they already cut him this year and he was claimed by........... Yeah, so those teams proved Kelly is great by snatching him up when they had the chance to for nothing.  "He's the highest paid PS guy in the league" is nothing to a team looking for a QB.  They'd have grabbed him faster than lightning if they wanted him.    As s for the article, I stopped when I read "since last we saw him, Brissett is processing faster". Processing what faster?  
    • Most of us are still in that mode but if you think about, things have changed now.
    • I was watching some tape on him as well as some interviews   He seems like an intelligent kid.    If they like the kid, I wouldnt risk the pick....... take him with our later 2nd round pick   I am starting to like this kid more than Love     You can build the team with the first two picks    Best two available  OT, WR, and/or DL   Use FA a little bit more.....    I would DUMP Hoyer after the season   He brings no value to the team, if he cant win when counted upon   If we were to draft Gordon (or Love)   Let them compete with JB and CK   Keep the top 2......         
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