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Fantastic News! Darius Leonard is ready to play!!!


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This is just wonderful news. He brings enthusiasm. Eberflus can now really strategize his rushing schemes. He has gotten Okereke up and running. and Walker cross trained. Banago needs to follow the tutelage of Justin Houston and Robert Mathis.  I feel Marcus Washington ( a big size and veteran Philly WR) is going to play the Funchess role. Lastly, I think EJ Speed is going to be the December surprise defensive player.  Exciting games ahead. 


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13 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

That is one thing I can never figure out. Why do some people not read the recent threads when they log on? That is the 1st thing I do. I see this a lot, this will be merged.

Drives me nuts. It’s one thing if it’s either a couple minutes but a couple hours to days is kind of annoying

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