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State of the Colts (KC half time thoughts)


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I want to talk about Jacoby Brissett for a sec. He has shown some qualities that are different from Luck but the eye test tells me that, When things break down Jacoby doesn't have the tendencies as Luck to throw many INTs. Yes he has thrown 1 this half, and has 3 thus far in the season. But if you were to say before the season AL vs JB, who would've had more INTs thus far (all things considered) you might have said JB with more INTs. Lastly, JB hasn't been in as many tough situations game wise than AL. This is obvious due to NFL experience. If JB just improves week after week and remain at the starting QB level, this team would actually be better off long term than with AL. Why?


1) Salary. AL would command at least twice the pay rate than JB. (AL 1st overal pick, JB third round pick)

2) Draft capital. IF JB continues to perform at the starting QB rate, this team could utilize the draft picks on key areas of improvement (DB, Dline, WRs, QB, etc) rather than reaching for players, especially the QB position as QBs will be the hot commodity in the draft. 

3) Free Agency. Once again, IF JB continues to improve, this team wouldn't have to utilize their available cash to either over pay for a QB and instead if anything, pay for a "premium" young pass rusher, or resign AC (i'm if'y), or pay for a premiere safety or CB.

4) Age. Yes JB is younger than AL so just by the numbers, the team "should" have a longer run with JB than AL.

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I've been a big supporter of Brissett, but he has a long way to go. He consistently looks downfield, then just throws it to his RB's. 

His decision making is pretty solid, but he has to see the wide open guys. Deep field accuracy is also very poor. Has a good arm, but pass interference calls have bailed him out a couple of times. 

Excited to see where he takes us. Definitely going to enjoy the ride! 

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10 minutes ago, coltsfanej said:

Review is a joke!

Agreed. Basically, you are asking the refs to admit their mistake in front of a national audience.

Usually, they’ll just stick with their bad call regardless.

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