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Brady squeeks into 3rd - Passing Yards


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10 hours ago, Roger said:


He'll likely surpass Peyton next weekend (only way he doesn't is if he gets injured on the first drive, as he's only 17 yards shy of Peyton now w/ 71,923 compared to 71,940).


Brees has 74,845 yards (so Brady right now is <3,000 yards from him).  Brees' injury doesn't help him in this regard as Brady will likely make up about 600 yards (he's got 2 weeks/games until Brees returns and he tends to throw for about 300 yards per game) of that gap prior to Brees' return.  Assuming he has 600 yards in the next two weeks, that'd put him 2,322 yards short of Brees.  


Brees is 40, Brady's 42.  Both are still playing at very high levels and there is no telling when either will retire.  If I had to guess, Brady may stay in the league an additional year than Brees (in part, I think Brady wants to break every record and would stick around just to do so and in part because Brady seems healthier than ever while Brees is coming off a fairly significant injury, while Brady seems like he's reverse-aging).  


Assuming they both continue putting up numbers similar to what they have been when Brees returns, the only way Brady doesn't catch Brees is if he retires before Brees or if they retire at the same time.  If Brady plays 1 year more than Brees, he'd have to only throw for ~2,300 yards which would be something Brady could hit the middle of the season.



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