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Colts @ Chiefs Sunday Night Football Game Thread

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I really wanted Lev Bell but I'll be danged if Mack isn't looking just like him. 

dang... i miss andrew

That's a Catch.

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Just now, bluebombers87 said:

Holding on Houston and a shove in the back just like they called on Hilton.

Looked like his shoulder. Hilton was directly on his back. I did the exact same thing as Hilton in high school and got called for itlmao 

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1 minute ago, Fisticuffs111 said:

Houston was held? I mean it could’ve been called but it wasn’t blatant. I’m not gonna complain about stuff like that.

Agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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33 minutes ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

Muhhamed did get a little bit off the edge, but the DLine hasn't showed up 

Just now, Dasteez said:

My god. We have no chance here. 3rd and 18 and easily throws the TD 


Mahomme is great but for God sakes can't a D coordinaor have his front four rush with the sole purpose if keeping him in the pocket?? It doesn't seem like rocket  science.  He wants to get out of the pocket.  Keep him in at all costs

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    • Leo Nard I know he is a all pro LB and he can and will set a record for highest paid LB on any team in the NFL.  I just don’t see it with Leo Nard though.  I don’t know maybe he doesn’t get the hype like LBers in the past has example Ray Lewis, T Suggs etc..  I don’t know I think we maybe be better off trading him for like 3 First Rounders and 1 third round draft pick.  Q omg we have to resign him I guess My priorities is OLINE first and Defense second?
    • I expect Houston to get signed by draft day. Whether it's by us or another team. Interestingly enough, I believe he's our last real option at EDGE before the draft. By not signing him yet, I'm thinking Ballard has interest in an EDGE rusher. I've heard we may have some interest in Azeez Ojulari. I like him, but I believe he is more of a 3-4 LBer, and we run a 4-3, so I really don't want to draft him. Seems like it'd be a reverse Bjoern Werner or Jerry Hughes situation all over again. Hoping to get Houston back, and either go Kwity Paye in the 1st and Eichenberg in the 2nd, or trade down all the way to the 2nd and get multiple picks that way (including a future pick), and a 3rd this year as well.
    • The poster you've responded to is not being stupid, he’s being sarcastic.     He’s unimpressed with Ballard because the Colts have not won the AFC South on his watch.   The poster is not interested in being patient.  He wants to win NOW!    Sooner than that if it’s possible.  
    • I'm happy to indifferent with FA. Obviously, we have to pay our guys. One thing I would of done differently is not sign Hilton, and allocate that money towards an EDGE rusher. Of course, we could always sign Houston back still before the draft, but I'm not fully expecting it. Wouldn't be surprised if that's the plan at this point though, and we mostly go with last years team, replace Rivers with Wentz, minus Autry and Walker, and draft some new players to fill the weaknesses.    In any case, I love the draft, and expect us to gain a couple extra picks at some point. Ballard won't just go with 6 total picks. That's not his forte.
    • When I saw the Carson Wentz trade go down, and the compensation we gave up, I paid attention to the Bears more than any non-Colts team. They were in a similar situation as us team-wise, draft-pick wise (20th pick to 21st pick), and we both had interest in Wentz. After we got him, you saw the Bears were immediately helpless. Wentz was gone, no solid QBs left in FA, the Wilson trade fell through, and they had to sign Andy Dalton. That could be us.   We got Wentz for peanuts considering we are picking 21st and didn't have to give up our 1st and/or 2nd rounder this year. If Wentz gets hurt, we have a bit of insurance from losing our 1st rounder in 2022. That's the best move of 2021 so far. If you don't believe me, look at the Bears forums and how they reacted when they signed Dalton instead of trading for Wilson. They wish they were the Colts right now.
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