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Colts @ Chiefs Sunday Night Football Game Thread

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I really wanted Lev Bell but I'll be danged if Mack isn't looking just like him. 

dang... i miss andrew

That's a Catch.

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1 minute ago, bluebombers87 said:

They prolly think that was uncatchable. Considering refs though Julio Jones could stretch his arms 9 feet surprised we didn’t get that call


These guys seemed reluctant to call the reviewed catch a catch, so I dont really expect any favors from this crew.

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1 minute ago, John Hammonds said:

Show of hands -- who actually thought that we would be going into the half with a 13-10 lead?  Anyone?  Anyone?  I ain't gonna criticize.  I'll take it.

:td:....jk I didn’t. But I didn’t expect to get blown out like others did. 

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