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Colts @ Chiefs Sunday Night Football Game Thread

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I really wanted Lev Bell but I'll be danged if Mack isn't looking just like him. 

dang... i miss andrew

That's a Catch.

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1 minute ago, bluebombers87 said:

They prolly think that was uncatchable. Considering refs though Julio Jones could stretch his arms 9 feet surprised we didn’t get that call


These guys seemed reluctant to call the reviewed catch a catch, so I dont really expect any favors from this crew.

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1 minute ago, John Hammonds said:

Show of hands -- who actually thought that we would be going into the half with a 13-10 lead?  Anyone?  Anyone?  I ain't gonna criticize.  I'll take it.

:td:....jk I didn’t. But I didn’t expect to get blown out like others did. 

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    • Tremble has been one of my early favorites   I saw one of the commentators mention the other day, that Tremble has had issues with drops   The little games I have watched, they didnt throw much to him...... is this an issue?    
    • You may end up being right, but lets be honest, these 4 are not playmakers, they are just familiar names to us on a roster.   We need some pass rush to get this defensive scheme to work. None of these 4 have proven that they can bring this on a consistent basis   When the offensive line was weak, we drafted both Q and Smith in the same year   I hope they take the same tact this year. 1 early, and 1 mid rounds that can develop.   Also, 3 of these 4 are free agents next year. We will have some churn next year.   We had better load up at an important position, IMHO              
    • OtC has us at $23.5m w/o Carrie signing. I imagine he is close to minimum, but will figure him in at $2m for this. So that would be a top 51 cap hit of $1.2m. Dropping us to $22.3m.   Now if we were to sign Ertz and Houston for your $12m that would only be a top 51 cap hit of $10.4m, dropping our cap space to $11.9m.   Currently only 2 of our draft picks count against the top 51: #21 - $2.48m 2nd - $1.15m   Those 2 would only be a top 51 cap hit of $2m, dropping our cap space to $9.9m.     All other picks would fall below that threshold and not count against the top 51 cap.   Saying that, your scenario has us trading down(likely, imo), so good chance  it would be our 1st or 2nd, which would lower those cap hits.     So I would say your scenario would leave us with around $10m left.
    • I think Ballard thinks the guys we have now, if healthy, are better options. Add a DE in the draft and we're fine.
    • Yes I couldn’t agree more. The second round is going to be very difficult to read. I also do not see Turner going past the first 45 picks. He is getting more chatter about him. I would love to know how Ballard sees and rates him.    I would love Darrisaw but as you mentioned he doesn’t get past LAC. They need line help bad. Paye I see going early along with Phillips because the DE position is not strong this year. We hopefully get Jenkins or maybe a move and still get Cosmi. 
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