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    • I agree, his hit rate on production guys has been pretty good but we’ve still not had that stand out in the pass rusher yet and he has made several of those picks. Turay is a great potential but can’t stay on the field which = no return to date. Banogu hasn’t done anything to make me feel good. Another pick a few years ago never even made the squad (Basham) and Geri Green just for good measure. But he has hit in other areas very nicely, can’t hit 100% and above 50% is pretty solid. Now he has to absolutely hit 100% on a LT and/or CB soon.    as for watching again, I’m a negative at this point. It’s comparable to you’ve told my daughter she is a fat ugly pig and then a week later want to ask her out on a date. They’ve already marked their line in the sand and I won’t cross it soon. I’ll follow it here but watching it is out. Maybe one day I’ll resume watching or perhaps the distance I’ve added gives me better translation into a complete walk away as I’ve not missed the game watching as I thought I would initially. The nfl has fences to mend with the group they’ve alienated upfront imho.    refresh my memory, did we use much blitzing under Grigson? Seems like We have not been a blitzing team since we had Freeney and Mathis in prime. Which def coordinators were blitz heavy colts men?    Turay had a lot of Mathis in him when he has played but just too little of playing time for this young man. Injuries have just been terrible to him. I hope he comes back and stays healthy for next two seasons at minimum.    as for bringing back Houston, I’m not seeing him in the stat box that says he is creating havoc that points to a must resign him back? You watch the games so I assume you see something more than a stat box shows? I sure would like to see some defensive play like the 49’s last year or the Baltimore group in their dominance years. I’d like to just see something printed that gave this group an identity that other teams aspired to become as opposed to us looking to other teams and thinking man, I’d like to look like that. We had that with the offense under Manning, just couldn’t get the defense to be serviceable much along the Manning ride sadly enough.    anyways, always good to read your take. Thanks 
    • Raiders beat KC-Bucs beat the Raiders yesterday. Says something does it not? Bucs have AB coming to join the party in Tampa.
    • I wasn’t hand picking the games, I was covering all 9 games. Tough yes, but not brutal...
    • I fear you may be right.   We start off like the Browns and Bengals games playing zone, go down 10-0, and then come back to tie it by half time 13-13. Play more man the rest of the way and win it along the lines of the above score. I will just add 1 score to it, 27-20.  
    • Please do it for me.  I want to be a welfare stat guy. I want free stats.
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