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Indianapolis Colts
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    • me·di·o·cre /ˌmēdēˈōkər/ adjective of only moderate quality; not very good. "a mediocre actor"   I think that word pretty well describes a team like the Colts are right now. Not "Cincinnati bad" or "Miami bad". Just good enough to end up in a "mediocre" draft position, and not bad enough to score a top-5 or even a top-10 prospect. It's going to be a long, hard slog crawling out of this hole, and even harder without a franchise QB. 
    • And what would you need to see to determine there is accountability.  If someone got fired would that satisfy you that accountability has been established?  Or maybe fine the entire defense - including the coaches - since there is no way Winston could have torched us if there was accountability?   What is it?
    • The NFL will do what they always do, make them pay a fine. Woo 
    • They are smallish, not smurf but they aren't that stout.  Certainly a top 20 talent for teams that need that player.  But both seem best suited as a replacement for TY, which I think is too soon for that.   There are always smallish fast guys coming out of the drafts.
    • I just don’t think QB is the position that you gamble on trading back to get your “guy”. I don’t think GMs settle for 2nd or 3rd choice if they don’t have to and are more prone to reach to secure a QB they want. Especially, when a lot of teams need a QB.
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