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Raiders Strategy, Game Plan


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With several injuries that will both affect the Defense, as well as the Offense ... What winning O/D strategy will the Colts employ against the Raiders?


Break it down. (You guys are better than I am at this)



Heavy run without TY?

Short Passes to the TE-RB with zone blocking?




Focus on defending the Run, or Pass?


And the Last Option.

Just win the D*** Game, we are better than the Raiders.


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Both defenses right now are just bad. For the colts stop the run and limit waller. Unless things change I don’t see that happening. On offense run the ball and use the TE. We have a double whammy with no TY and a bad defense. I still don’t have a great feeling about this so I hope I am wrong.  Just seems like a weird game right before KC. Oakland is very young and they are inconsistent and very well could have a really good game.


I will say this it wouldn’t shock me if TY dresses. Just a weird vibe I got from Reich and TY yesterday. 

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10 hours ago, braveheartcolt said:

That Enron fella you mention. He is a high energy kind of guy who eventually runs out of gas. He is a fraud.


What is the collective name for fans that are not by homers by the way? I'm intrigued.

14 TDs baby.


Not everyone is a Prius. Sorry you were raised in a Toyota household.

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