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Week by week luck/brissett comp

Trace Pyott

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14 hours ago, krunk said:

So are you calling him a tall Russell Wilson here?


That is a good comparison. But I think Brissett is more Donovan McNabb that is built stronger to bounce off a few  to get a handful of yards than an elusive RW to get large chunks of yards running, IMO. McNabb played more from the pocket compared to RW, very much like Brissett and took off only when needed. McNabb also had a good play caller with Andy Reid, much like Brissett has with Reich/Sirianni.

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14 hours ago, Trace Pyott said:

I didn’t mean to start a bash luck/bash brissett debate or a debate on who is better. I more or less meant to show people that brisett in his own way has been better than even I thought. I know the stats I posted aren’t everything but it’s at least a glance at a moment in time. If you just take these three games in comparison than yes it’s not really comparable because luck was coming off injury but I hope to update this as the season goes on just to show how things stacked up. Basically I’m trying to shine light on the inevitable conversation of “what if luck would have stayed?”  It would at least give us some insight and ability to compare the two as the season went on. Also I didn’t do it Because luck is the end all be all best Qb ever......that would be #18:) but I just wanted to put things in a little bit better perspective.   Hope this helps explain the point here and helps knock off some of the pointless arguing and nit picking. 


But... what you're doing won't achieve that? You seem to be missing that key point here. 

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