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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Not good and that’s why it makes sense to cut him with Hoyer on the books for 2 more seasons. Hoyer knows what he is, a backup. Jacoby just doesn’t know that yet!    I doubt Jacoby could mentor anymore than Hoyer,  if indeed Ballard goes QB in Rd 1.
    • In the 5 years I have been here I think JB has got more criticism in here than any other player or coach. I thought Grigson and Pagano got a lot but JB has them blown away. JB even blows away Trent Richardson  .  What is funny is JB isn't even that bad, he may not be a franchise QB but is average at worse. 
    • It's simple for me. Forget injuries. JB has been average to below average prior to his injury and when he had TY. We know what Mahomes looks like when he's healthy and has his skill postition guys. We also know what JB looks like when he's healthy too.   You can't simply excuse JB's bad performances just because the team won some of those games.   And I'm not even sure why we're talking about the KC game. JB did almost nothing in that game. 150ish yards, 32ish QBR (very bad), no passing TDs, and one 1 INT. Mack was the O star of that game and the D shut down their running (I don't even think they hit 50 yards). Mahomes being gimpy and without all his injured players still had a higher QBR than JB.    
    • All close games.  Could have been 2-5.  Brissett ball produces close games and lends towards a .500 record.  I think next season with Brissett will yield another 7-9 win season.   
    • Although it's fun to respond to topics like this everything hinges on what transpires with the Colts regarding the QB situation.  If Luck returns that changes everything.  That is still an open question right now IMO.  So we'll see.   I think Cooper is still too good to pass up if he hits FA.  People worry too much about the money here.  Let Ballard work that out.  He knows how to structure good deals.  It's not like we are up against the cap.  We can still draft a WR.  Cooper is already a proven playmaker and that is a huge difference when compared to a rookie.  I think the Cowboys would be more receptive to a sign and trade.  I wouldn't oppose it because we guarantee getting him versus outbidding other suitors.  But if we need our picks to go for a QB that could hamper a sign and trade.  Funchess should be back as well.  We have so much cap room signing Funchess is not going to kill us.  A healed collarbone shouldn't change that.  I would much rather have Chris Jones too but I don't see him making it to FA.  Therefore I picked Ngakoue.    
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