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Indianapolis Colts

Week 3 impressions: Brissett

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On 9/25/2019 at 7:22 AM, Chloe6124 said:

Getting yards after the catch was a major emphasis with Reich in the off season so that is great we are doing that so well. Lot of that is scheme and hitting guys in the open field. Remember last year how we were also dropping passes. We have been really sure handed this season.


It's weird to get dinged for getting that YAC, after getting knocked last year for not getting enough YAC. Just wait till they unleash Campbell. 

At the end of the day, as long as those Ws keep rolling in, I'm pretty certain Brissett doesn't care, and luckily he has a GM who won't use those stats against him come negotiation time.

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11 hours ago, Sumo63 said:

I wish I could take credit for it.  I've seen it sprinkled on the forum a few times.  Being a giant nerd myself, not necessarily a star wars one, I loved it.  I decided to start using it because I want it to stick, I also think it fitting for Brissett.


As much as I'd like to, I cant steal another human's props.  If we take it national though it belongs to all of us.  Go Colts!


8 hours ago, Four2itus said:

It was originally posted in a thread about the Captain Andrew Luck Twiiter account and how someone was making one for Jacoby. A poster said that Obiwan Jacoby would be cooler? I quoted it because I thought it was brilliant. 


8 hours ago, Fisticuffs111 said:

I think that was me but to give credit where it's due, I originally saw it on reddit.

I also shamelessly used it for my FF team name hah.

Okay, whatever the true origin story behind the name Obi-Wan Jacoby is...All 3 of you deserve credit for recognizing brilliance & taking it to the next level i.e. keeping that nickname thriving & strong. It's gonna stick gentlemen. Trust me. 


Hades, I'll give props to all 3 of ya. Kudos @Four2itus, @Fisticuffs11, and @Sumo63. When you steal from 1 source, it's called plagiarism; when you borrow from more than 1 person--It's called research. LOL! No harm done. Sounds a okay to me fellas. 

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