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I think we're finally seeing Ballard's vision come to life... ironically without the foundation piece we all had in mind. 

I'm sure that's against the personal conduct policy. 

Just so you all know, I started Ryan over Brissett in the Forum League today just to hoodoo him..

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    • Haven't seen anyone mention this yet, but I think there's a distinct possibility that teams have two back ups again next season.   Fingers crossed we'll be beginning to move past COVID by September but I very much doubt we're in a position to say confidently that it won't affect games or teams at all.    I could see the Colts keeping Wentz, Eason and a vet back up. I would love it if Brissett came back as a back up and we also kept Eason.  
    • Are you talking about this Forum mocks or National mocks?   Anyway, most of the mocks are very similar: Mock1 Rd.1- LT Rd.2- Edge Rd.4- CB   Mock 2 Rd.1-Edge Rd.2-T Rd.4-WR   And let's not forget about trading back to recoup a draft pick to make up for the Wentz trade. 
    • He's one of those guys that could come in and contribute immediately 
    • BUT WATSON DID NOT STATE THOSE REASONS.    Those reasons are being stated by people who take his side, making up the notion that those were long standing issues with Watson.  He signed a contract extension with HOU 5 months ago.  HOU was bad before he signed the extension.  Heck, OBrien was the HC when he signed the extension.  By the twitter message in the link below, he seemed really happy about playing for HOU back in September, and thanked OBrien, Jack Easterby, and the McNair Family.   Its all a big lie.  He wants a trade because he's chosen to escalate a double downed stupid comment he made about HOU not interviewing Eric Bienemy and slandered the entire organization's hiring practices.  He can't apologize because he's too arrogant and righteous. I say let him bid with himself again and escalate it again by holding out if he wants too.  By rule, HOU can hold back game checks.   He looks like a fool, and some people are running to his defense...most likely because its bad optics if people who want to criticize hiring practices admit they were wrong, so they are pretending that Watson is now upset over something else more long standing.   https://www.nfl.com/news/texans-qb-deshaun-watson-agrees-to-4-year-160m-extension      
    • Negative but nice try.    Justin Houston was a stand up OLB at KC but translated well to a 4-3 DE. And you want him back.    The idea that JJ Watt is not a fit for the Colt defense is comical. He would be an early down DE and could move inside on 3rd down.  He fits all across the line. On any defense. On any team. There are different base defenses that he has been tied to.   
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