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    • Colts take:   Defense is hanging around top half of the league without it's most important player.   Elite against the run    Offense clearly down in the bottom 3rd, probably last in scoring after tonight.    Good news for Colts fans is I see both of these numbers improving as the year goes on.     Other takes:   Jaguars are a well rounded team, they will be a headache for a lot of teams.   Titans, I expect to improve across the board as well.   Texans, I know they are well coached so I know they will at least be competing week in and week out.
    • I almost forgot chiefs had ten days to prepare this game because they played on Thursday night the week before.
    • Perfect is a bit of an overstatement, if the line is average to slightly below Ryan will be fine, but if the current line play continues we’re dead.
    • Well I wasn't even really aware that it was being questioned for possession.  They didn't seem to focus much on that at LOS.  Just kept showing the dudes knee for a while and we were all like No way That's short, then they showed stuff like the still that I included and we were all like Oh yeah it's on the line.    But I didn't see until this afternoon, that it was moving.   But there is part of the rule, I'm pretty sure that allows for "movement' lol.   The hey here is clear and obvious.  It was uphled as a catch and probably would be upheld as an incompletion if the initial call swas incomplete.   Some of the Indignant Rainbow Boys on here believe if you differ with their take, then you lack integrity lol. 
    • Colts: Offense:(21st) Pass Yds/gm - 227(20th) Rush Yds/gm - 104.3(17th) Total Yds/gm - 331.3(21st) Rush YPC 4.0(22nd) PPG -13.3(31st)(Dallas 32nd, if they score 18pts or more tonight, Colts move to 32nd)   Defense:(12th) Pass Yds/gm - 238(17th) Rush Yds/gm - 77(3rd) Total Yds/gm - 315(12th) Rush YPC 2.6(1st) PPG allowed - 20.3(15th)   +/- - (-3)   Jaguars: Offense:(6th) Pass Yds/gm -252.3(10th) Rush Yds/gm - 123.3(10th) Total Yds/gm - 375.7(6th) Rush YPC - 4.1(21st) PPG - 28(7th)   Defense:(8th) Pass Yds/gm -251.7(21st) Rush Yds/gm - 55(1st) Total Yds/gm - 306.7(8th) Rush YPC - 3.1(4th) PPG allowed - 12.7(5th)   +/- - (+7)   Titans: Offense:(25th) Pass Yds/gm - 208.3(23rd) Rush Yds/gm - 94(20th) Total Yds/gm - 302.3(25th) Rush YPC 3.5(26th) PPG - 17(22nd)   Defense:(26th) Pass Yds/gm - 256.3(24th) Rush Yds/gm - 145(29th) Total Yds/gm - 401.3(26th) Rush YPC 5.8(32nd) PPG allowed - 28(29th)   +/- - (-3)   Texans: Offense:(29th) Pass Yds/gm - 204.3(24th) Rush Yds/gm - 83(27th) Total Yds/gm - 287.3(29th) Rush YPC - 3.6(27th) PPG - 16.3(26th)   Defense:(29th) Pass Yds/gm - 207.7(11th) Rush Yds/gm - 202.3(32nd) Total Yds/gm - 410(29th) Rush YPC - 5.6(31st) PPG allowed - 19.7(14th)   +/- - (+2)
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