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Colts Vs. Falcons Game Day Thread


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Agree, hope he's back soon. Guess we'll know more in a couple days...    
    • not sure drew will keep this interesting, tom has a lot more tds than him year
    • It is not diminishing Belichick at all. He is a great coach. But in football, the QB is the one that drives the train. No one is looking at the Chiefs right now and saying, Reid is the GOAT head coach. It is Mahomes. When you have a transcendent talent at the QB position and you get him for 20 years and all those years are prime performance, that is the reason you win. To me it is common sense. Tony Dungy won nothing until Manning. Caldwell, Fox, Kubiak were average to below average coaches. Arians is a good coach. He is not great. But all of a sudden his offense is humming like it never has before. We know why.  Like I said, it is always the player. That is just my viewpoint but I know others disagree and that is fine. 
    • OK, Brady Boy!!! That is what I will call you because if there is a Pro-Brady argument to be made, I see you first in line on this forum.  It is all good but we have to keep things objective as well.   In a match up of even teams, fielding a complete team that does all the small things in close games in playoffs does matter. That is where the coaching matters, and that has been a big reason Belichick forced teams to play 60 minutes and won so many close games. No doubt, you need an elite QB to win at the highest level. However, let us not diminish Belichick just because he has 5 key starters opt out due to Covid and a QB that cannot hit the broad side of a barn accurately and the fact that the talent level on the Patriots has been diminishing due to Belichick being an average GM. Belichick is a great coach but an average GM, IMO, and Brady realized the talent level on his team was not good enough, been deteriorating a while, and bolted.   If Belichick had someone like, say, a Nick Foles, his team would be doing much better than they are now. Not AFC best level but definitely better than 2-4. The difference between Brady and Cam Newton is dramatic. 
    • The Indianapolis Colts:  Lose to the Jags, who have lost to everyone else.  Beat the Bears, who have defeated everyone.    The Bears beat the Buccaneers and Tom Brady, who destroyed Aaron Rogers and the Packers and the Raiders.   The Raiders smoked the Chiefs.     Nothing makes sense in this world. 
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