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Nickname for Our Sack Pack!

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How about "Too Soon?"

I now expect zero sacks, the next three weeks. 

This thread makes me crave some White Castle.........  

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10 minutes ago, cbear said:

I think you have to be outstanding in some facet and I don't see that.  Solid but not nickname worthy....yet! 

I agree with this.

We are ranked 14th in yards per game and 21st in points.    Not nickname worthy yet.    

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    • They stay in Baltimore so i’d only be an hour and a half away and could attend every game.
    • I would change the outcome of the 2009 SB Vs the Saints. There's stuff that could of been more important to us long-term (like Luck staying with the team til he was 40, or Grigson never being hired with Luck), but that SB and winning it would of meant more to this franchise at that point and would of made all the Luck years and the unfortunate ending to it a lot more bearable.    Manning winning two SBs in Indy and then making two and winning one in Denver would of probably made him the 2nd best QB of all time without a doubt, and it would of helped fans get over all the times the Pats won the SB while Manning was the QB in Indy. The difference between 1 SB win and two in Indy is huge, and the difference between two SB wins and three in Manning's career would of been huge.
    • Saw this on Reddit and thought it was interesting    Mine would be 2005 AFC Divisional Round loss to Steelers    That loss still kills me...   This can be anything btw A game A player An injury A preferred draftee
    • I'll pile on you here. Ballard has put together a great team since taking over in 2017. We lost Luck (I blame a combination of Grigson and Luck himself for this), and that ruined 2019 and stunted our growth in 2020 with a one-year stopgap in Rivers. We have Wentz now. He's 28 years old. We'll get a decade out of him to compete if he's above-average or better. He has the chemistry with Reich.   Remember, if Ballard hadn't built a solid team before getting Wentz after Luck retired, we'd be back to 2012. However, because Ballard did the foundation first, we can now try and compete again for a decade with Wentz immediately. We have a few weaknesses, but we have the draft and the rest of the offseason to fill them. We do need to improve our DEs. We can still sign Houston back and/or draft an EDGE in the first two rounds. CBs we re-signed Rhodes and Carrie, and Ballard has shown interest in Newsome, Farley, and Asante Samuel. We could easily take a CB at 21, or trade down and get one. We will get a couple starters out of the draft.    I wanted an EDGE too, and thought it was a mistake to sign Hilton back and not an EDGE in FA, but we have to re-sign our own as well, and a 5 year deal to an EDGE for 12-15 million a year will take away money short and long-term. We have a reduced salary cap this year. The rest of that money will go towards draft picks, offseason depth signings after the draft and UDFA's, and Braden Smith, Darius Leonard, and Quenton Nelson.
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