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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Good post.  Thanks.    I don't see the love for Lamb.  I'm no expert, but watching him in the big games he seemed to come up short.  OTOH, Jeudy performed.  Not that Lamb isn't good, I just see clear separation there.    Relative to Thomas, I assume an OT drops due to questions about his ability to block speed rushers, because he's a massive human being.  That thought plays into Fromm's analysis of coming from a running based system and lack of down field stats.  Not a perfect correlation, but something to look at.  Again, maybe Thomas just didn't much opportunity to develop/show off enough pass blocking skills.   I can't see Wirfs or any projected RT going before 13.  They just don't go that high, IMO.     I don't expect a team to leap from the 20's into the top 10, but I think there may be a lot of movement in the top 15 teams to position themselves for a QB.  JMO.
    • Down 4 with 1:30 to go, Winston literally ends the game with a pick.   Brissett engineered 3 4th quarter drives to tie or go ahead last year.  Not counting the game where he managed to outduel Matt Ryan and another game where he managed to keep us ahead of Deshaun Watson, and in both cases, made key 4th quarter drives to keep a lead.   Just saying -- Brissett isn't a great QB, but he gets a bad rap here.  If you have to have a mediocre QB, at least go with one that takes care of the football.  As long as you don't turn over the football you're going to be within range of winning most of the games you play.
    • I want Herbert but I would still be happy with Love. I believe Herbert is the safe pick. However, Love has more upside if he fully develops. I think Herbert would give us close to what Luck did while Love could end up playing like Mahomes or Blake Bortles. Hes either going to be great or bust with no in between. Just my opinion. 
    • I doubt Jones gets out of KC.  I would love to have him, but let's be real.  If he leaves, they have NOBODY to stop the run, and they aren't good at it now.   I would echo sentiments here in adding DL both via the draft and in FA.  The foundations of franchises are built along the fronts.  We have built up the OL fairly well.  Now it's time to fix the DL.
    • I'm not worried about the leadership of this joint.  They're fine.
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