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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Simmons reminds me of Kam Chancellor. Maybe a little Deon Bucannon also. Both were LB/SS and were mismatches for opposing offenses. Being that big and athletic they have range in coverage, but can lower the boom against the run. 
    • Here are all his interceptions on the year.    I can categorize them in several categories: -poor mechanics/footwork leading to underthrows(the first one in the video is example of that here, as well the one against LSU - Stingley, there are also several opposite hash throws where he relies too much on his armstrength and the ball floats on him). This is what Frank and the rest of the coaching staff are for and why I don't expect him to start right away - he needs to clean up his footwork  -not seeing dropping defenders down the middle... this just needs to be improved, Luck had some of those too... IMO this is his biggest problem, his decisionmaking/not seeing defenders dropping in coverage. He makes some "wth were you thinking" throws? I commented on several of those when they were happening in old posts here you can search for ... he just has some of those that I get back to again and again and again and I still cannot figure out what he saw to make him make that throw and how he didn't see the defender. His film is littered with this types of throws, not just those interceptions, he would have one of those almost every game. This to me is the second reason he needs to sit and learn. -receivers fault/bad luck(last one in the bowl game and 2 of the Wyoming tipped balls, last BYU throw where he gets hit as he throws it, etc.) -forcing it(a couple of the LSU INTs are good examples + one of the BYU ones + several others)   -opposite hash to the sideline throws - I cannot be completely certain here about the culprit, but he has a few of those. On some of those he seems to be trusting his arm too much/underrating the defender's ability. But on others they are quick reads that the defenders seem to undercut and be waiting on. No idea why. Maybe he has a tell of some sort/staring the receiver? Look at the first Wake Forest INT(0:13), you can see better hint at what might be wrong at 3:40, he makes very similar throw/INT and it gets pick-6ed again. It seems like this is a thing they run a lot, and it also seems like he's staring his receiver down - there is no attempt to disguise what's happening, he immediately flips his hips and gets ready to make the throw and the defender just undercuts it... his receivers don't help coming back to the ball either...    If I have to summarize - IMO the biggest issues with him are - 1. poor mechanics/footwork on some throws and over-reliance on his arm, 2. not seeing dropping LBs into coverage... this HAS TO improve, 3. staring down his receiver   I want to point out that the last one happens a lot on plays that are supposed to be quick hits. He does that one on slants too. To me this is the easiest one to fix and takes just a bit more discipline and coaching because it seems to be an issue mainly when he knows he has to make that specific throw and it needs to be a quick throw. Otherwise there are many cases where you can see him scanning the field, making progression reads, moving/holding safeties with his eyes. I do NOT think his staring down receivers is the same type of staring down that Brissett does for example. 
    • He's arguably the GOAT now. IMO only Peyton and Montana are the other 2 in that discussion for many reasons. Perhaps Unitas is in that discussion as well but he played when football was way different? 
    • Both are amazing RBs. I think Etienne is a little better because of the amount of broken tackles, but either way, the football team that drafts Etienne or Dobbins becomes a better football team just by adding them. It may not be a question of who is #1 or #2, but this guy is 1A & that guy is 1B. 
    • If he does come here, and then helps us win the superbowl, would you consider him the GOAT?
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