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Have no idea if we'll win today.... BUT.....

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.....  I'd respectfully say to my friends here....   even if we lose today don't freak out.     Starting the season with two games on the road is not easy.


And we started 0-2 a number of times under Pagano and still made the playoffs.     Yes,  I know the QB was different.    Remember,  we st arted 1-5 last year!    One and FIVE!!     And we came back.


But I like th is team.    I like this head coach.     I like his staff.    I believe in the kids.  I like Jacoby.   So does the GM.     Buy in!    Believe in them.


Enjoy the ride.      Someone here had a thread about 10-14 days ago talking about being oddly interested in seeing how this season goes.    And I agree.    I'm looking forward to this journey.    To me this season is all about playing with House Money.   


I'm going to try and follow my own advice.    I don't want to get too high with a win,  nor too low if we lose.    Just enjoy it for what it is.    A complete mystery!      But again,  don't get down too much if we dont' come away with a win today.     See the Big Picture!    It's a long journey.    And Step #2 is today!


Enjoy!     :thmup:

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I Always expect to Win . This year for the first time that I can remember we actually have a DEFENSE & Offensively this team will IMHO surprise many .  


Jim Harbaugh & the Cardiac Colts showed us many seasons ago a Superbowl can be a possibility given the receiver can pull in a Hail Mary :woah:  . 


Offense & 18 & then 12 carried the weight on the Colts world on there collective shoulders now we will see not the Offense that draws crowds but a Defense & each week this team will I certainly hope get better . I think of Jim Mora when I hear the word PLAYOFFS  to early for that ..

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