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Well I guess the Debbie Downers, won’t be back today. Ugly game, but Colts win!

that was very stressful

Hi, Colts fans!     Our Indianapolis Colts are south down Interstate 65 in Nashville  to play the Tennessee Titans in the first AFC South divisional matchup in 2019, and both teams 50th all-time meeti

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    • CB and DE, not good.   Ballard is a top 5 GM for sure, but those positions have been a issue at draft, and we're trying to solve by FA the last 2 years
    • With Jenkins and Nelson on the left side... no one...zing. Houston, Turay, maybe another FA
    • You're reaching here. NFL.com has always done tiers or buckets. NZ graded him the same as as a bunch of other guys at 6.2 which is "Good backup who could become starter".  Not 6.21, not 6.19... 6.2, the same as 30+ other guys.  You call them evaluators. They are talking heads. And as I mentioned, Ballard said he doesn't care what those guys think. It's his board. He missed, plain and simple.  He was cut because he had starter money. We picked him up on the rebound for cheap as a backup. Good signing for depth, but it's not genius.  At worst he would have been CB2. Again, not genius. It worked out. He was a past pro-bowler for goodness sakes. Good signing on the cheap, and worked out well for our zone. Nobody is saying everyone bats 1000. My only comment was he hasn't been good at CBs in the draft. You then proceeded to drive it off a cliff. 
    • I think there's a good chance Ballard will trade back, again, but doubt it would be for 2 OT's. And just want to say to everyone there are other positions on team besides LT & DE. And the other positions are also needs as well.  
    • @WarGhost21 @chad72 @Archer @Nickster @JoeThornburg @BProland85 @Defjamz26 @Qwiz @jvan1973 @PRnum1 @SaturdayAllDay @MPStack @JediXMan @stitches @ColtsGermany @luv_pony_express @danlhart87 @RNGDShobby   Guys - going to turn the 2nd team selection into first come first serve. We have 7 teams left.   @ColtsGermany @luv_pony_express - I auto assigned you a team that you had on your first round priority stack. If you don't want them, let me know and we'll put it back in the pool, or Chad or I will take.     1 @WarGhost21 Colts 2 @chad72 - jags 3 @Archer jets 4 @Nickster  - Patriots 5 @EastStreet - Dolphins 6 @JoeThornburg -  Pitt 7 @BProland85 - 49ers 8 @Defjamz26 - Eagles 9 @Qwiz - Houston  10 @jvan1973 - Falcons 11 @PRnum1 - Chargers 12 @SaturdayAllDay - Saints 13 @danlhart87 - Chiefs  14 @RNGDShobby - Lions 15 @MPStack - Panthers  16 @JediXMan - Ravens 17 @stitches - Bengals 18 @ColtsGermany - Broncos 19 @luv_pony_express - Cowboys 20. @DiogoSales - Giants 21. @Coltsman1788 - Washington 22 @diogosales - Packers 23 @luv_pony_express - Auto assigned Vikings (we'll take if you don't want) 24 @ColtsGermany - Auto assigned Bills (we'll take if you don't want) 25 @RNGDShobby - Browns 26 27 28 29 30 31 32     Teams remaining in order of draft capital Raiders Titans Bears Cardinals Bucs Rams Seahawks
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