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Well I guess the Debbie Downers, won’t be back today. Ugly game, but Colts win!

that was very stressful

Hi, Colts fans!     Our Indianapolis Colts are south down Interstate 65 in Nashville  to play the Tennessee Titans in the first AFC South divisional matchup in 2019, and both teams 50th all-time meeti

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    • I'm not sure I agree with you.  Wentz suffered badly for lack of protection last year and part of that was that he became predictable in his evasion patterns.  Defenders knew his tendencies and were there to jump on his usual escape routes.   For the time being we need to treat him as an immobile quarterback and make sure we have all the weapons in our proverbial quiver we can to help keep him upright.  Especially because Wentz' confidence is at an all time low right now, a few early sacks could trigger a downward spiral.    That includes both good blocking TEs and a FB, to maximize the run game.  We NEED the play action pass in order to keep defenses off balance and Wentz doesn't sell that as well as Rivers does so the run had better be a huge threat.  Looks like it is, but I'm all for crowding on every possible advantage.   I would expect that at the very least we'd have a FB on the roster for the first 6 weeks or so while we work on getting Wentz his mojo back.  Even if it's only to treat him as a 6th lineman and allow Wentz to run a clean pocket.
    • I think the QBs trades and a few teams deciding to go WR or OT rather than what some of the mocks thought is why he slipped 
    • I saw part of the reason he was so cheap is he expected to move to right tackle once some injuries heal up.
    • I think it's more about when to use Hines, or when not too. He has great AVGs on 1st and 2nd down, and doesn't need a FB. He just IMO shouldn't be used in 3rd or 4th and short.   And a FB is always nice in short situations regardless of RB, so IMO it's not really about Hines either.   IIRC MAC got really good run blocking grades. I remember October articles when he was grading out top of the NFL in run blocking. I don't have a PFF sub to see the end of year breakout, but I'm going to bet he ended the year at least top 10 in the category.   As far as FB is concerned in general, I think there are things you can do in short yardage situations that reduce the need for a FB... Now that we don't have Rivers, teams really can't key on things like they did last year anyway. And in short or goal line, we can line up wide, instead of tight like last year. Just lining up wide makes it easier, and you can still use a TE if you want.
    • Well if you want to use a guy like Hines on the rush, you've got to use either a fullback or a 2 TE set, and as much as I like Mac, Mac and Doyle both grade out only somewhat above average as run blockers, and Doyle's been showing his age on the injury front recently so a specialist would be helpful.  If we don't have one, then we need to manage our expectations of little gap shooting RBs like Hines appropriately.
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