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    • My idea is not far from those who say keep Frank as the HC, but take away the OC responsibilities.    My idea is NOT to give this person veto power over Frank, but to instead be a voice of reason and experience where I don’t believe we currently have that.  Someone that Frank would respect and at least listen to to avoid his worst tendencies.  Is that simple enough for you to understand?   But as our resident conspiracy theorist where you think all the noise since the end of the season is only to sell season tickets that’s fertile ground for you.      When you said Frank coming back is a bad thing, you lost.   When you said you think we end up 6-11 or 7-10, you lost.   It’s your opinion,  but I think you’re among the extreme fringe of this fan base.    And when you write painful drivel like this, I literally have no idea why you’re a fan of this franchise?   Why waste time here except to troll.    You don’t like the owner.   Check! You don’t like the GM.       Check! You don’t like the HC.        Check! You don’t like the QB.        Check!   Why stay and post?   You’re miserable and it’s reflected in almost every post you make.    
    • I understand you on Jimmy not being much better, I just think those little differences with a good squad can make us better... we have a better run game to open things up... I feel like running Carson again is a set back...Garappolo plays better Ds more often than us...
    • I agree about this, we could consider moving to a 3-4. The 4-3 zone used to work because we had Mathis and Freeney who could create pressure with out blitzing and scheme. A duo like that is rare. Flus is probably gone and most D Coordinators available run 3-4 anyway...you can get blitz creative with 3-4 and disguise it better and run better coverage with it...time to give up the dying D scheme...
    • I just don't see Jimmy as a upgrade. I think it would be better to go with Carson 1 more year and if he doesn't improve move on
    • Carson had a lot of throws dropped by defenders, the most of any QB. Not saying Jimmy is Perfect but he will get the ball out quicker and won't throw shovel prayers or left handed ducks...plus Carson has proved to struggle once questioned. We need to sign reassurance, can he handle that... I rather call it a loss than waste another year trying to teach an old dog new tricks...
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