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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Im sure Irsay and Ballards biggest fear is they release him and some how he fixes this slump by some chance. Signs with Pats and wins superbowl and everyone saying they gave up on him. Unlikely to happen but if it did everyones heads would be spinning. I still say cutting him is the right move. Numbers dont lie, almost every free agent kicker available hits 95+ % on pats. We need those points.
    • Bottom line is if he somehow becomes the colts starting QB, colts fans will largely support him.   They'll praise him when he does well, they'll fall off a cliff when he performs poorly.  "Told you so's" will fly on both sides, sometimes by the same people, just like it is now.   I have faith that as people age they sometimes, usually even, mature.  Question is how much opportunity is left for them by the time they begin/complete the process.   I dont know the guy.  I have no idea what he's made of.  I have no way of knowing how much "pressure" he will even feel he's under, much less how much he can handle.    If he gets a chance it'll be given to him by people who are far closer to him than any of us.  I have faith, if that happens, it will be a chance he will have earned and will deserve.  
    • Leonard is literally the heart of the defense. He played his tail off. He hasn’t missed a beat. Not surprised with that grade.
    • Leonard is terrible just as much as some saying Hoyer was better than JB  
    • Something that I’ve been wondering for awhile is why Ballard didn’t make a move for Brandon Scherff.   We have Glowinski at RG and he’s not only regressed but teams are targeting him. Plus we almost always run the ball to the left which teams have figured out now. Why not get a proven player at RG who probably would’ve cost a 2nd round pick at most and upgrade your run game ten fold? Rumors were the Redskins wanted to move him too.
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