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I'll be there! Coming in with my wife and toddler from Chicago area and meeting one of my buddies and his girlfriend who are coming up from Kentucky. He's a Falcons fan and our birthdays are the 15th and 16th this month, so it's kind of a birthday gift for each of us. Section 451 Row 1.


Ready to celebrate my son's first game with a W!

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    • You should correct the header. I say make them take TY, Patmon, Banogu,  and next year's comp picks, and give us some $millions to pay him.  Woot woot!
    • Nice post.    But i think I will trust others that say he is a slightly above average run defender.  And that Ballard and his staff chose to add him now and not wait to find someone that you like better.  They are pleased to get him. That is how CB operates.
    • First off, I would be VERY surprised if we made a play for Julio.  Aging WRs tend to slump in many cases   Nice Jersey in your picture stitches   I was impressed with Paye well before the draft and to listen to his (and his mothers) "American Dream" story   He is a class act   I may actually break down and buy a 51 Jersey to wear to games (The few I get to go to) 
    • No one knows. The writer isn't necessarily wrong, the last time anyone saw Wentz, he was shaky mentally and a mess football-wise. Hurts wasn't any great shakes yet he was better than Wentz. We know the potential Carson has but if the national media isn't lapping it up, that's not a bad thing. Let them keep dogging Indy while we build quietly and solidly.   We all hope Frank Reich can unleash a beast who performs at levels even better than 2017 but fact is, it's May 12th and right now we don't know. Even Chris Ballard said same, just as he did about Eason, we won't know what we have until the bullets start flying.
    • Good lord. I simply posted an article from rotoworld. If you don’t like it then let them know you disagree with the people who are usually correct with the info they receive. I wasn’t aware I would be told I was wrong for posting an article from a highly reputable site. You seriously need to relax. 
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