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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Either one would be fine, but I would  go with  Baker Mayfield .  It's a good matchup, and I don't have much faith in Wentz and Eagles receivers. He struggled on MNF, and this is another division game, where Washington could be spoiler in the NFC East.    I like Perriman; he got a lot of snaps in the last game due to Evans being out. Winston's injury needs to be monitored, though. 
    • What ever QB we draft, Reich will know who the best of the two are between JB and who we draft. If Reich feels like the rook is better than the rook will start IMO. Regarding Jones, Giants aren't that good but he does have arguably the best RB in the league when healthy. I like Mack a lot but imagine if JB had Barkley.
    • LOL.... NYG drafted a QB that was supposed to sit a year. And they had far worse of a team (OL, etc) surrounding him. That didn't go as planned....   All this "Love needs to sit a year", and "JB needs to start another year" is what you'd like to happen, nothing else. And you're right, we don't know what Ballard or Irsay are thinking, but I'm guessing you don't have an inside track on their plans anymore than any of us. There are lots of reasons you wouldn't want a new QB sitting behind a QB like JB, so lets not act like it's a no brainer.   And why do we need to slow down on discussion of drafting out future QB... It's a discussion board. If you don't think that's what we should do, fine it's you're prerogative,  but not sure you need to tell others to "slow down".... The overwhelming majority of folks are ready for the next chapter to begin.    
    • Herbert interest me. Sure he can be looked at as a system QB, but I think all the tools are there
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