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Indianapolis Colts
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    • If there is a plus side to this season, it's that we're not that far out from top 10 status now. Obviously a lot to be decided in these last 3 games, but as it stands now(looking at how much Buffalo gave up to make that move) Colts would probably have to give their 1st, a 3rd, and their second 2nd round pick. Atlanta, NYJ, and Arizona all seem like teams to make the move with. 
    • Luck always played good in the 4th quarter when we were down. Defenses would play prevent to stop the big play and he would pick them apart. When you are ahead in the 4h quarter defenses tighten down to get a stop. JB andColts  have had the lead Quite a bit this year. This is where we  need playmakers to get us critical 1 st downs in the 4h quarter. Either Frank thinks our running game should be able to do that or JB is not seeing open receivers that Frank dials up. IDK. 
    • This is an absolute lie, and you should know better. Tanking is a great strategy. It brought the Astros and Cubs world series, it brought the Colts Andrew Luck. The higher the pick, the more choices you have to either A.) pick a higher rated player on your board, or B.) trade down and accumulate more picks (like the Quenton Nelson trade). Top 15 picks are better than top 20 picks. Look at Ryan Kelly and Malik Hooker. The draft is not a crap shoot, it's about strategy and research, and every GM would rather have 5 extra players available to them at 15 than 20. This is not a debate, and Ballard would agree with me.
    • There is some truth to that, but odds are that you do better with the pick in the top 15.  The player you want is more likely to be there at 13 rather than 18.   Good players can be taken anywhere, but your odds improve with the better pick position.  
    • Go with Brissett against the Saints.  There is still a shot at the playoffs.   Assuming we lose that game, start Kelly the last 2 games.  There is no downside.   It gives the fans what they want.  It gives the coaches and Ballard a look at what Kelly is.  Worst case is that we lose both games and gain draft position.   It's not tanking.    If Kelly doesn't get some playing time, I think we go into next season with Jacoby as the starter and Hoyer as the back up again.  They signed Hoyer to a 3 year $12 million contract with $9 million guaranteed.  
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