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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Yep... feeling for a while has been that we might have to trade up to 8 with Arizona to get Love or Herbert. 
    • That would cost an awful lot, but i am feeling we will have to trade up if we want a QB this year
    • I can’t wait to hear how Love does. Could the colts be so impressed with Herbert to move up over the chargers. 
    • I see a lot of people praising Ben Bartch:   Ben Bartch, Sain John's | HT: 6056 | WT: 308 | HAND: 9 1/8 | ARM: 33 | WING: 80 1/8    
    • There are several problems with that idea.   First you have to define what it means to "retire early"   Next you have to come up with a system that determines what compensation a team will receive based upon the player.  The comp picks mostly use the size of the contract the leaving player received.     Than you have to address the possibility that this could be gamed by having say an injured player "retire early" to get the comp pick only for him to announce his re-entry to the NFL the very next year.     Honestly the only thing I could see doing is maybe providing compensation for a player who while healthy retires from football during his rookie contract based on where he was selected and how many years he actually played.  Even then it's dicey.   I think with all the complexities it doesn't make much sense overall.  The psychology of the player, the likely-hood that he might retire early is just going to have to be something that team's scout for.  One of the things that was never mentioned as a weakness with Luck I think was his varied interests.  I've said before that I had a feeling that he might retire a little early because of those things, I just thought early was more like 35 and not 30.   Just means that you are going to have to do your homework on your player and a player who seems like a person that might have dreams other than football would have to go as a negative on their draft profile as someone who might give it all up early to pursue other things.    I get how much damage an early retirement does to the team that lose the players, especially if it's a QB like in our situation.  But the solution of providing a comp pick would be exceedingly complex.  Not only in defining what it means to retire early because retirement decisions in football are often based in part on accumulated injuries.  But also having some way of measuring what kind of compensation a team should receive for a particular player.  
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