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After an very interesting offseason.....     Hopefully today is the beginning of a new era with this guy....   Hope to see a lot of this....   And thi

NFL Regular Season Game Day Is Back  Colts fans!    Our 2019 Indianapolis Colts are in Southern California, to begin their 2019 Regular Season with the Los Angeles Chargers.  Both the Colts and L.A. C

Scored too quick.. what is Reich thinking?!    Obvs playing to lose and tanking the season and we can’t even get that right...

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    • I fully expect a lot of these guys to be gone.    Hilton offer would be a pay-go structure, no big bonus, no big guarantees. I don't think people appreciate how often Hilton was doubled, even bracketed, at times this season. He gave the other receivers one on ones quite a bit, just based on some of my all 22 viewing over the past couple weeks. That average value would make him 22nd highest on the WR scale, and is a decrease from his previous contract. Your mileage may vary, but I think it's a fair and reasonable offer for a legacy guy who can still play, despite popular opinion.   Mack and Hooker are likely gone. They might keep JB around, the strategy is still up in the air. No big money, though. Sounds like they're letting Walker walk (no pun intended), but if he wanted to wait a year until the cap begins to normalize, I'd be okay with that. One year, $5m might be better.   Rhodes was a top ten corner this year, and was really good for us. That average would make him the 20th highest paid corner in the league. He's gonna test the market, and I think he'll get something close.   Autry is a JAG who played well in his role, but will be 31 next year and isn't a difference maker. He can walk.    Same for MAC, he's a one note player without much upside. He's replaceable. 
    • OK, if the Eagles said, like the Osweiler deal the Texans made with the Browns and said, I will give you a current 2nd and future 3rd if you take Wentz and his entire contract, would you do it?   I would definitely think about it, personally in that scenario. 
    • TY Hilton (13M in 2020): 1/$9M (signs with another team) Marlon Mack (0.63M):  1/$2M w/incentives (signs with another team) Justin Houston (9M):  2/$17M Denico Autry (5.7M): 2/$15M (signs with another team) Xavier Rhodes (3.25M): 2/$24M  Anthony Walker Jr. (2.1M): 3/$16M (signs with another team) Malik Hooker (3.1M): 2/$14M (signs with another team) Jacoby Brissett (21.3M): 2/$10M (signs with another team) Zach Pascal (0.75M): original round tender (2.1M) that turns into a 2/$12M (signs with another team) Mo-Alie Cox (0.75M): 2/S9M   Only Houston, Rhodes and MAC return from this list. Colts reap several Day 3 comp picks they will used to replace future draft capital that will be used via trades this offseason.
    • Anyone here believe Marcus Mariota could be salvageable?I bet we could get him cheap. He could make a good place holder until we have our guy here and ready.
    • To add some color around my recommendations   TY Hilton (13M in 2020) -- 2 years, 16M --averages around 600ish yards the last two years. Needs to move to slot, and at most 8M a year.   Marlon Mack (0.63M) -- 1 year 1M --only if he clears the physical and hasn't lost too much speed. 1M would be fine if he hasn't lost much. he knows the system, has good vision, and would make a great #2. He also has a lot to prove if he wants to rebound and get a good offer in 2022.   Justin Houston (9M) -- 2 years, 16M --tied for 21st in sacks, and was top 10 in pass rush win rate. He was great value last year at 9M.   Denico Autry (5.7M) -- 1 year, 4M 30th in sacks, 32nd in hurries, and provides DT/DE flex. Great value even at last years rate.   Xavier Rhodes (3.25M) -- 2 years, 20M --13th best in completion rate allowed. But aging. Might go to 3 years if that's what it takes. Fits our scheme well.   Anthony Walker Jr. (2.1M) -- 2 years, 7M --Tackle machine who would be better as a true ILB in a 3-4. Still great value at 3.5 a year even if depth.   Malik Hooker (3.1M) -- 2 years, 7M (only if we continue to play more single high C1/C3) --We played more C1/C3 (single high) this year, and Hooker is best in that coverage. Blackmon really struggled late in coverage.   Jacoby Brissett (21.3M) -- 1 year, 2M (2 years if we intend to start Eason) --There are a ton of options for backup this year in FA. If we draft or sign another FA, let walk.    Zach Pascal (0.75M) -- choice between original round tender (2.1M) or 3 year 5M fully guaranteed --averaged about the same as Hilton the last 2 years. He's a very good 4th WR option and can flex from X to big-slot.   Mo-Alie Cox (0.75M) -- choice between second round tender (3.2M) or 3 year 7.5M fully guaranteed --killed it in just about every stat category. Good value if we can get him on a 3 year / 7.5M deal even if he's only a #2.
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