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Do the Colts put Chad Kelly on the 53 man roster after his suspension is over?


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1 minute ago, Dogg63 said:

Yep, which doesn't indicate the date of the contract. On the History Tab it shows the exact same contract on two lines - one when he initially signed and then again for the PS. I don't know if that is an error or if it is correct. I think it's more likely an error.


A look at https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/chad-kelly-21995/ shows a different story. Only the first contract is listed. Nothing yet for the PS contract.


If he got a full season's 53 pay for being on PS, it would have been a story. A pretty big story. I never saw a story, so I am skeptical. I lean much more towards overthecap having it listed incorrectly.

overthecap are very solid. I don't think I've seen many mistakes they've made. I don't know. TexansCap is a very serious twitter follow for contract and salary cap info too. I don't know if he took it from the overthecap site or he has his own sources. 

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1 minute ago, Superman said:


They can't. He's can't get more than the UDFA money until his third season. 



It was always obvious the Colts liked him. The question has been whether another team was interested enough to make a big play for him, and the fact that he cleared waivers should be a satisfactory answer to that question.


Now that he's back on the PS and making the maximum money he can make, on a team that likes him and that he feels comfortable with, it's unlikely that another team will be able to poach him from the PS.


I'm not sure everyone believed the Colts liked him lol. It's going to be interesting to follow him the next few years regardless where he ends up. 

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