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Super QB or Complete Team

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1 hour ago, Myles said:

Interesting read on this subject:



In the era of the booming salary cap, quarterbacks are being paid a disproportionately high percentage of their team’s available dollars. They account for the 14 largest salary cap hits in 2018—in 2011, there were six QBs in the top 14. Denver quarterback Case Keenum has the same cap hit in 2018 as Houston defensive end J.J. Watt. San Francisco quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s guaranteed salary this season is higher than the entire salary cap for a team in 1996. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers is making $66.9 million this year as part of his new deal, which is $4 million more than a team’s entire salary cap in 2000.

The problem with teams committing so much of their cap space to quarterbacks is that it is clearly an unsuccessful strategy. None of the five highest-paid quarterbacks in 2018 by average salary—Rodgers, Atlanta’s Matt Ryan, Minnesota’s Kirk Cousins, Garoppolo, and Detroit’s Matthew Stafford—made the playoffs. 


This is a flawed analysis.


One, ranking QBs by average salary isn't a good indication of the percentage of cap hit they accounted for in a specific season. For example, Matt Ryan's average is $30m/year, but his 2018 cap hit was $17.7m. That's just 10% of the cap. 


Two, sticking with the Falcons, they didn't miss the playoffs because Matt Ryan makes too much money, or took up too much of the cap. The more likely reason is that they had one of the worst defenses in the league, by pretty much any metric -- points, yards, conversions, DVOA, you name it. Having Deion Jones, Keanu Neal and Ricardo Allen out for most of the year is the primary reason the defense struggled. By the time those players got hurt, money wasn't a factor. 


Three, I don't see how any of the bolded is relevant. Just sensational factoids. The reasons there are more QBs in the top 14 compared to 2011 is that teams don't have $60m rookies on their payrolls anymore, and that money has been funneled to veterans, starting with QBs. Another reason is that teams paid bad QBs, like Keenum. And how present-day players are paid compared with players from 20-30 years ago just doesn't matter in this discussion. Von Miller makes more than the '95 Cowboys entire defense, and he signed his deal three years ago. Khalil Mack makes 20% more than Miller. It's not important.


Four, define success. Is it making the playoffs? Are we saying you can build a good team around a $25m quarterback -- Andrew Luck or Drew Brees -- but you can't spend another $3m on your QB because then you'll be the Niners? Isn't the main problem in SF that JG blew out his knee, not that he's making too much money? Now that Seattle is paying RW $35m/year, if they miss the playoffs are we going to say it's because he's paid too much, even though they still have $20m in cap space, and $80m in 2020?


This is a false cause. If a team has a highly paid QB but isn't winning, it's either because the QB isn't as good as his salary indicates, or it's because something is wrong with the rest of the team. It's not because a good team can't have a QB making more than X percent of the cap.

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    • Not sure why you're trying to push back so hard....   1.   Making 3-5 times more money(maybe more?)  for doing less work is typically all it takes to get someone to change their job or career.    That alone is typically enough for most people.   But you can add to that....   2.    Whether it's Southern California, or if it was New York,  it's one location and that beats the life of a scout who is typically away from home more than half the year staying in not great hotels and putting in 12-16 hour days in far away places.   3.    He doesn't have to worry about having to uproot his family again because his team didn't ahve a good year.  Jeremiah was a scout for 3 different teams.   That's three moves for the family. In his TV job,  he's not going anywhere.   4.    He's likely doing a fair amount of his work from the comfort of his own home.   He can view tape at his home.   And he has a staff of people that help with the show he works on.     5.    He gets to pick and choose when and where he goes on the road.   Doubtful he has someone giving him orders.   He's likely his own boss.      6.    Far less stress.    It's not do good or get fired.   To be clear,  he has to be good at his job,  but it's easier in ths setting than it is as a scout.    No one is looking over his shoulder and breathing down his neck.    Life is good for DJ.   If you don't like him,  or like someone else more,  great.    Follow them.   But I'm not aware of any anti-DJ movement either from complaints coming from the NFL or from media observers.  
    • Conklin’s really only had two decent years, both bookending his time in Nashville. He’s going to be an example of a guy getting paid way too much after a contract year breakout. I’m assuming he sets the new bar on RTs salary this offseason, not getting paid as much as Solder did a couple years ago, but at least matching him as a free agency bust. Plus he’s only played RT in his NFL career so I certainly wouldn’t look at him as Castonzo’s replacement. 
    • A respectful reminder....   Jeremiah is going to do a number of these,  and some names are going to fall off the board and some new names are going to pop up....   So,  odds are he'll do one before the Combine...    then after the combine....    then after the Pro Days....    and then likely right before the draft...     And with each new one,  look for the new names that appear and the old names that leave....  
    • Well, I do recognize that at his draft, Conklin was also projected as being a rock at guard. It was surprising to me that he was made into a RT.     Still though, sign him ... then either he or Smith becomes our stud RG.   Either way, with the replacement of Glowinski, by a red chip player, the Colts OL would become, by my estimation, even hugely more formidable!   Go Colts!    
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