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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I get what you are saying. I get that with JB we could win anywhere from 7-10 games most years but that we don’t want to settle for mediocrity. I just have felt that JB might just surprise us all next year. 
    • Our WRs are fine. Who needs a talent like Jerry? Would much rather continue the trend of having our QB try to drag along mediocre WRs. Seemed to workout so well for us
    • You're off the hook delusional. Here's a post from preseason last year prior to the start of the season where I talk about using a slingbox..... it was a 10 second search.   Wrong again... Not that it matters, because you're clearly wrong, but I've had slingboxes for 10 plus year. I had the earliest version which had a coax connector and tuner. I still have 3 later models including the "Pro" (which I don't believe they sell anymore), the 350 (connected at my home), and the M1 (connected at my mothers). Did I get 3 slingboxes, including ones they don't sell anymore, just to prove you're wrong lol.... Happy to take pics of the couple at my house, and like I said, happy to give my log-in to a mod that will show 3 different slingboxes in the app (via directory).    You're embarrassing yourself.
    • My ideal situation is that both Herbert and Love fall to 13 so we can get a definitive answer of how Ballard feels about both.
    • i actually like tua and herbert better than love, i would be happy to see them under center next year   love is a high ceiling low floor prospect, i would be ok with drafting him but that is accepting the fact that its a risk.  im ok with gambling for a big pay off, if it doesnt work out we try again.     i think we can do better than JB while admitting there is risk involved, remember we won 4 games with him too  
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