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9/1 Roster Moves


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5 minutes ago, hoosierhawk said:

Quinton  Flowers at QB? he's shorter than Walker at 5'10". Doubt he is our answer at QB.




Bengals’ Quinton Flowers is one of the most exciting undrafted players


The former USF quarterback may be making a position change at the NFL level, but it doesn’t make him any less interesting.


Why is he exciting? Well, he was one of the most fun college quarterbacks for the last few years, recording a few USF records in the process. He’s one of six FBS players to reach 8,000 yards passing and 3,500 yards rushing. He also is one of six players to have 70-plus passing touchdowns and 40-plus rushing touchdowns. Talk about a playmaker!




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1 minute ago, PrincetonTiger said:

Could be an intriguing add

Marlons QB saw him and Marlon catching up after the game. I like RB with vision that know how to set up blocks and know how to not take big hits. He's slippery outside of Jordan he might have the best vision out of all the backs. A few times last yr runs could have been taken to the house and he has some speed on him but he's more quick than fast. ton of upside suprised he didnt make the bengals roster they had some injuries at RB as well.

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4 minutes ago, Scott Pennock said:

He was the guy that ran very well against us in game 4 of the preseason. Caught the ball very well out of the backfield too.

Sounds like he could be an excellent emergency/last resort QB, plus offer other upsides for the Colts.


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2 minutes ago, hoosierhawk said:

I think we could sign him without waiting for 25 other teams to claim him. Don't think he is considered a waiver wire guy.

He doesn't have to clear waivers


He's a UFA

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    • If I was an owner I wouldn't hang division banners. People mock us for hanging a Final 4 banner in 2014 but yet think hanging a division banner (hypothetically for going 8-8) is ok? Think about how silly that sounds. I would rather be in the AFC Title Game than my division, that is common sense.
    • We will see how it plays out. Cam is washed IMO and injury prone. He has the greatest coach ever and he will be lucky to go 9-7.
    • I am not worried about Buffalo. Just contain their QB and you're good. Baltimore much harder but we have a shot there if our run D plays tough. KC and their receivers seems like the toughest. I think a great run D is key on all these games incl. TN.  We have to make all these teams one dimensional. The only one with too many skills players to stop is KC.  The only way to beat them is being able to score more points than we have all season. Let's hope our O-Line keeps offering up the extra time in the pocket. 
    • We know... we are all here because we love the game and we love the colts, can you please stop acting like the forum shrink - it's nauseating lol. We as fans are allowed to comment what we want on this forum, its not always going to be rainbows and daisies, deal with it. We all want to see the colts win and when we s*** the bed on a sunday afternoon we are allowed to have a vent and discuss where we need improving etc even if that does occasionally come with some over reaction sprinkled in. You probably thought this was a random comment to quote but its a build up of your posting as a whole and I chose to reply to this one lol.   Anywayyy, Phil did have a good game against the Bengals no doubt, but he has been very average or perhaps below average for the most part. I hope he can hang with some of the better teams we have coming up on our schedule but I do have my doubts that we will see more of the bengals type play from him very often.         
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