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Colts 53 Man Cut Transactions Thread

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On 8/31/2019 at 1:47 PM, egg said:


Haeg played right guard against the Giants last year and played poorly.


Haeg is on the roster by default........There is no one else.

Your option is WRONG IMO and the COLTS opinion!! 

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Just now, jameszeigler834 said:

Maybe but Walker still sucks should be working in a job not the NFL.

11 hours ago, PrincetonTiger said:

Gerri Green to Patriots PS

Shame he didn't get to our PS.

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11 hours ago, Chloe6124 said:

They don’t ever have any plans to ever play him. He is good at what a they want out of him. They are never going to actually play him in a game.

That is very surprising.

He has a better chance of making the Pats roster than he does the Colts.

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17 hours ago, jameszeigler834 said:

OMG Phillip Walker to Colts practice squad when are they finally gonna realize this guy sucks and move on for good.

I think this is a case of Walker being "the devil you know".

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17 hours ago, PrincetonTiger said:

I agree or until CK is completely ready

It stinks, but if Ballard like the potential of Kelly, and he want to develop him AND feels he wont make the PS, then I'd be ok with 3. Its a unique situation.  A vet presence like Hoyer brings vast knowledge and some stability if Brissett struggles.  Lets face it, Ballard and the rest of us really didnt think we had to worry past Brissett.  Things have changed.

  If Jacoby goes down or struggles, we have no plan B at the moment.  (Im not judging Ballard). Kelly is not ready no matter how good he looked.

  It stinks we may lose a good player over it, but i'm not sure thetes an option.

  The more i think about it , only having Brissett and Kelly on the roster scares me a little.  And thats not talking about weeks 1-2.

  I'm not gonna worry about it.  Thats Ballard's job.

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    • The Colts have had their fair share of injuries the past few seasons.   Many of these players were either expected to have good/great years, or contribute much more than they did, because of their season being cut short. If there was a single player on the roster right now, whom has had injuries in the past 3 seasons, that you could put imaginary 'bubble wrap' around to guarantee they don't get injured this season, who would it be?   Mine = Kemoko Turay. There are many players i'd want to have a healthy season, Hilton/Campbell/Hooker/ect. But to me, I truly believe if Turay had not had that season ending injury last year, he could have seriously broken out. I am praying for a healthy season for him, because having him on all the passing downs for the season with the rest of the talent we have on the front 7, I think he could have a massive season. He was leading the NFL last season in QB pressures per snap, before he was hurt. Not to mention that he was held so many times, and it was not called.  I mean blatant holding.  Because he is a real issue for O-linemen.  Just so fast, with great bend, and his hand/arm work is stellar since he's been working with Mathis. A full healthy season, I could easily see him getting 10+ sacks.
    • they cant just go from waiver claim to practice squad on another team, he would have to be on their roster a while before they can do that.
    • It will be interesting to see how Watson does without Hopkins. If they won the division again that would show me a lot. Losing Hopkins is a huge blow.
    • That's fair. Watson is mostly due to age, but I think he's finally good enough to lead them to the playoffs. However, they will decline soon with some contracts running out. I see Luck as 32 in football years because I believe he'd be rusty for a year. Just a guess though. I would take Watson too because I feel he's non injury-prone, and that's good for a long-term answer at QB. I would take Luck back in a heartbeat though as long as we didn't have to pay him anything if he retired again.
    • I got my refund notice email today. 
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